Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just the Facts

12 eggs retrieved. For me, this is a great number! I had more follicles but 12 was the number of 'good' size eggs. Anyway, I'm doing a decent job being thrilled with this and not getting too hung up on the numbers...I mean why waste all my number obsessing on today because I can do so much more of that tomorrow, right?

I'm still feeling a little out of it so this is going to be short. Don't despair, I'm sure I'll be awake very early waiting for the fertilization report so I'll write a detailed post then.


N said...

Yay, 12!

Thinking fertile thoughts. :D

Soapchick said...

12 is awesome!! Praying for a great fert report tomorrow!

Rachel said...

12 is great! Good job growing 12 eggs! I hope you're putting your feet up now and resting for the next stage.

Tracy said...

I'm SOO excited!!!! Well done, girl.