Monday, June 8, 2009

Nanny Nanny Boo Boo

Hey, guess what People Who Wouldn't Move to the Middle of the Metro Train Today Even Though the Driver's Instructions Clearly State That is the Proper Way to Board the Metro Leaving Me to Wait For the Next Train? The next train came along two minutes later and it was practically empty.

I got a seat AND the one next to me was empty. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I've been a little on edge today waiting to hear when my IVF cycle will begin. There was an issue last week when the nurse couldn't find my chart and since she had a bunch of others to process, I'm sure I am/was at the bottom of the list. This is completely out of my control and I should just relax about it but there's a small chance that if I get things scheduled early enough, TOIAW would be here for the 'heartbeat' ultrasound. Obviously I really want that. Even more obvious is that we have a lot of hurdles to cross before then and the main thing is just getting into the July cycle.

I need to relax and trust that God's in control. Clearly my Metro friends were just trying to help me out by not allowing me on the first train so that I might have a relaxing trip home, right?

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