Sunday, June 14, 2009

The in-laws are coming, the in-laws are coming!

I think the title says it all. They should be here mid-afternoon but tonight they're staying in a hotel so we probably won't see them until dinner. TOIAW's older brother made reservations for them because he was worried that TOIAW would be sick today (because he wasn't feeling great yesterday). He did this without asking TOIAW who was upset when they told him this morning. This is the first time TOIAW's parents have ever visited him. FIRST. TIME. He wants everything to be perfect for them and he's very excited to host them. Uhhh yeah, me too, Honey. I'm already feeling a little frustrated so I really hope he brings up the 'you must be a general officer or doctor or you're a failure' thing.

I suspect the hotel reservation has more to do with our guest accommodations than TOIAW not feeling so great yesterday. FIL has expressed--numerous times--that he thinks it would be better if we moved to the basement and he and MIL stayed in our room. It's not 5-star but it's comfortable and very private and, you know what, it's all we got. Additionally, it was good enough for my parents who spent a week with us when our daughter was born and then came back two days later when she passed away and stayed for another week (but I understand why the in-laws didn't come because they live 4 hours away while my parents live half-way across the country...). It's also been fine for numerous other guests we have hosted. I was down there yesterday getting things ready and thought about how much more we would visit his parents if we had accommodations as comfortable and private. So we'll see what they think. I'm sure it will be fine but I'm secretly daring them to say something.

I would really like to enjoy this visit rather than merely endure it. We shall see. BIL and his wife leave Wednesday and things generally go much more smoothly when it's just us and TOIAW's parents. And if it doesn't go well I'll just pour myself into my last week of language classes!


JJ and Michelle Cartmill said...

you know you can call whenever you need to :-)


just think 10 more days!

Soapchick said...

Okay as you can tell by now, I'm a week behind on my commenting. I've been thinking about you all week however, every time I saw a post. They have to be leaving soon right?