Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Heart!

If you love to read you absolutely MUST join this site. I've been a member for several months now and it's just the best. It works like this: You list the books you have and are willing to part with. Other people then [hopefully] request your books and you get an email informing you of their requests. You print the wrapper, package the book, mail it to the requester, and then receive a credit. With your credits you can order books from other members. The only cost is the postage you pay to mail the books you send. Quite a deal indeed.

I now use to justify buying new books. Here's how that works: If a new release is $25, I think, "Well, I'll buy it for $25, read it, spend $2.75 to mail it to someone else, and then a credit for another book so really this new book will cost me less than $14." How's that for logic? Sometimes I still struggle with whether or not to buy it, but with paperbacks I don't even think twice. However, thanks to my recent swapping I have a stack of at least fifteen books waiting for me to read. I'm telling you, it's a swell deal. An added bonus? You're recycling and reducing clutter...well, maybe it's a one for one exchange on the clutter but you're getting something that's more useful to you than a book you've already read.

I'm off to read a book I got today. It's a biography of Queen Noor of Jordan. I LOVE the Middle East and I LOVE biographies so there's a better than even chance I'll be awake late.


Krista said...

Yes, everyday I wake up and wonder, "How can I be more like Ms. Bliss?". Although I really don't want students showing up at my house at random hours of the evening, which seems to happen to Ms. Bliss quite often. I read a biography about Queen Noor that was really interesting- don't know if its the same one. You can bet that I will be signing up at the website because I have a whole stack of books I could get rid of. You can also bet that I will be calling back you tomorrow, finally. Get ready!

Soapchick said...

I will definitely check that out - although I just went to an in-person book swap so I was able to get rid of 2 boxes of books - hard and softcover, and came home with about 20 new books for me to read over the next 2 years. However now that I know about this website, I'll be utilizing them in the future. Thanks for the info!

Soapchick said...

Oh and tell me how you like that book on Queen Noor - I'd love to read that someday.