Wednesday, June 17, 2009

...and Then There Were Two

Guests, that is. TOIAW's brother and SIL left today but his parents are still here and will be until ??? They have yet to set a departure date. Lucky me. Today they're just hanging around the house (yay!). I'm actually upstairs hiding. When I arrived home after class and discovered that TOIAW had put dirty dishes away as if they were clean, I knew by my reaction that I was in no mood to handle my MIL. Since I'm not an absolutely horrible hostess, I did go down when I heard her struggling with the microwave and feigned interest in what she was doing long enough to be polite. When I asked them what they wanted to do for dinner they said it would be fine if I cooked something. Wow, it's like I won the lottery. Actually, that's fine since I'll be going to the grocery store any way to replace our fruit stores after my MIL ate the organic fruit I asked her not to eat. I know that sounds rude but they care more about variety than conventional vs. organic so I made sure I had plenty of fruit for them and I basically hid my fruit but what did she eat? Not only that, but she made sure to tell me she ate the blueberries because she had a craving for them. Why not the other blueberries already washed and in the huge bowl in the middle of the refrigerator? Oh, those?! Ha ha ha, hee-hee she didn't see them! And, you know, I can totally see why because her mind was most likely preoccupied with things like 'when is the next time I can make a comment to Rachel or TOIAW about how the only reason they are successful and have the things they have is because of the sacrifices my husband and I made to give him the best of opportunities?' Seriously she has mentioned this to me twice in the past two days. I don't give her the pleasure of a response.

I know I'm super crabby today but I didn't get much sleep again last night. My grandfather is not feeling well but refuses to go to the doctor. It's unclear whether or not he's having heart problems or experiencing lingering effects from shingles and/or the medication he is taking for them. He had a check-up with his cardiologist and general practitioner last week and everything looked good which is part of the reason why he doesn't want to go back. He thinks everything he's experiencing is from the shingles. I'm upset that he won't go just to make sure he's okay but I know him well enough to know he's going to do what he wants to do. I cried and cried and worried about it last night but this morning I decided that when you're 83, you've earned the right to do what you want to do. I love him; he knows I do. He loves me; I know he does. When I talked to him today I told him, again, that I really wished he would go to the doctor just for peace of mind and I broke down a little and told him I simply couldn't endure any more pain right now. He told me the worst thing that can happen to anyone is losing a child and that if I can get though that, I'm strong enough to lose him also. Gosh, it sounds so fatalistic but he didn't mean it like that.

One thing Sarah taught me is that you must enjoy every minute with the ones you love. I know it's cliche, but it's so true. During the week we had with her, something in my heart whispered to me over and over to drink in and savor every minute with her. I did and because of that my only regret is that I didn't spent more moments with her.

Now stop reading my whiny blog and go spend some time with someone you love!


Rachel said...

I really hope things improve. I totally don't get the 'giving up your room' norm. JD's parents occasionally have us stay in their room (like when he's sick) and then they stay in his bedroom and in the morning everyone has to run around looking for clothes and watches and all the normal things you leave in your own room ... especially since it sounds like you have a really nice guest bedroom option.

Soapchick said...

Wow you are a saint for having those in-laws. I'm so lucky my in-laws are awesome - in fact I'd go on vacation with them without my husband.

Your MIL doesn't have a brain - why would she eat your organic food? I hope they leave soon.