Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First, the Good

Don't worry, I won't rob you all of the details of my in-law weekend but first I want to tell you about yesterday because a) it's a much happier subject, and b) I'm still making my list of things I don't want to forget to mention (the entire weekend was pure blogging gold).

So, yesterday I had a saline sonogram to make sure my uterus is free of anything that might prevent implantation. Good news: It is. Even better news: My final admittance into the IVF program should be approved this week. The best news? Assuming all goes as planned with the approval we're going to do the July cycle! Lesson learned? If you're patient, calm, and prayerful rather than naggy (is that a word?) and anxious, you just might find people [read: husbands] are more open to your point of view. This decision is one that has weighed heavily on both TOIAW and me because we know the sooner we do IVF, the less time we will spend together in the coming year*. The flip side being that we really want to have a baby. So here we are and the decision is made. Woo-Hoo!!!

Anyway, on the way to my appointment I realized it was the 18th and had a nice little cry but I pulled it together, mostly. I really liked the doctor and I don't want to say anything bad but is it so difficult to read my records rather than making me tell you? Never mind, she was very kind and spent a long time talking to me about what would happen next, etc. The nurse--who has red hair and is named Sarah--was also very kind. They both assured me that it bodes well for me that IVF has worked for me and that most people who have pre-term labor and/or incompetent cervix go on to have healthy babies in the future. I didn't go into the appointment needing to hear any of this, but it really helped. Lately I've been very anxious about this cycle not working and I know I really need to relax. I prayed about it on the way to the hospital and God was faithful to answer me so clearly. After all, it's out of my control and I have to give it to Him or I'm going to drive myself insane.

I'm now off to do some [major] cleaning because my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew are coming tomorrow for a week-long visit. I'm very excited...except about the cleaning part.

*In case you're not tracking this, I will not be able to go with TOIAW to the Mystery Country when/if I am pregnant because adequate OB care--at least not the level I need--is not available there.


Kari said...

I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you in the upcoming months. Take care of yourself and thanks for keeping us updated.

Soapchick said...

Good news on the saline sono and more good news to come. I'm sure of it. I'm glad you are not going to mystery country. I'm also happy the nurses/docs were so kind.

Tracy said...

I'm glad you had a good experience at your appointment. I'll be thinking lots of good thoughts and saying little prayers that things go well for you.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad that everything looks good for IVF. You have my full sympathy on being separated from your husband again (I can't believe that we're about to do a 6th year apart, and not for nearly as good reasons as you and your husband), but hopefully it will be for the very best of reasons and you will find family and friends to support you here in the States.

mrsmuelly said...

Hooray for the clean saline scan and the July cycle! I know that the decision to go forward with IVF now was a hard one, though...many prayers with you guys.