Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blog Therapy

Tomorrow we're going to Georgia for TOIAW's brother's law school graduation. It's already painful. I just spoke to my sister-in-law who told me that, in addition to the cocktail reception she is hosting, there is a separate cocktail party Friday evening. I was not aware of that until just an hour ago and I have no idea what clothes we will wear. I just might wear the same dress to both events...or perhaps I will be terribly under dressed at the Friday event. I don't really care all that much because TOIAW's parents will undoubtedly dress in wildly inappropriate attire.

TOIAW is already acting super-excited--think of a child--because he will be seeing his family tomorrow. This means I cannot get a serious answer out of him for any question I ask. It's even more annoying than you can imagine. It's also a concern because during the drive tomorrow we will be making some major decisions about the next year and I need him to FOCUS.

To that end, I had my follow-up RE appointment today. I completely broke down when I had to fill out the how many pregnancies have you had/how many miscarriages/how many living children information--it was awful. I could barely breathe and TOIAW was parking the car but once he came in, I calmed down. Yesterday I told some complete strangers about Sarah and didn't shed a tear; today, the smallest thing was enough to push me over the edge. Such is my life. The good--actually, great--news is that everything looks good so far and, barring anything unforeseen, I will be approved for the program. It's not a done deal yet, but it is a huge blessing that my hormone tests look normal! I need to have a saline sonogram early next week and then I will have another appointment where I will, hopefully, receive final acceptance into the program. So now we have to decide July or October? This is a very difficult decision for us, to say the least.

Well, thanks for being my therapists tonight. I know the weekend won't be all bad...and even if it is, we'll only be with them less than 65 hours. I'm off to fold laundry and pack. I'll be sure to update Monday!


Rachel said...

I hope you have a decent weekend, and I'm glad you'll have such a long drive to talk about your big decision. I am so incredibly impressed with your strength as you get ready to start treatments again.

The Gutsy Mom said...

We make big decisions in the car, too. Also, way to go on the race. Even though it didn't end up the way you wanted it to, you should still be very proud!