Wednesday, March 11, 2009

$850 Later

Things have been all kinds of crazy around here. Both of our dogs (yes, as predicted by the Gutsy Mom, we adopted Bootsy) have been sick, sick, sick. It all began late Sunday morning when PP started vomiting. We were fostering two 6-8 week old shepherd-mix puppies so as soon as they went to their adoption event, we took PP to the animal hospital. They gave her some fluids and a shot to help with the nausea and they gave us a bill for $214 and sent us on our way. She rested the remainder of the afternoon and early evening but, ahem, she started having accidents where she couldn't control her bodily functions. Back to the hospital we went. We decided she should stay there for the evening. By the way, not cheap; I knew we were in trouble when the doctor told us to wait while she drew up an estimate. In any event, I knew they could care for her better than I could plus they could monitor her...and, let's be honest, clean up after her. It was way difficult to leave her and far too deja vu for me. I started to call the hospital before we went to sleep but I collapsed in tears so TOIAW called. The doctor called us around 4 am (she warned us she would call then) and said she was doing much better. She gave me the diagnosis--a bacteria--and said it's not especially contagious so we should hold off on treating Boots unless she showed symptoms.

Guess what? After a night of crying because PP wasn't sleeping with her, Bootsy began presenting with a few symptoms so I cancelled my class and took her to the vet. Apparently she's an over-achiever because she not only had the same bacteria as PP, but a second one as well. [Oh, and she's 8-10 months old not 4-5. Not that we care but her being older somewhat explains why she's so skittish around humans.] So, armed with a medication schedule to rival an 80 year-old, I left with two sick puppies. Oy!

They've been pretty good about taking the medication but some of it should be taken with food and they're fighting me on that one a bit. I spent another small fortune preparing meals for them that they refuse to eat. I finally went to the vet and bought the canned bland food which they will nibble on a bit (you would be as confused by this as I am if you saw it).

Oh, and the best part is I'm doing this alone because TOIAW left yesterday for a trip to the Mystery Country. This is the text he sent me, "I'm here. The place seems generally civilized although I don't think you would like it here. I'll call you later." I wonder if he'll get a job with the Department of Tourism? If slogans like 'generally civilized' don't make your travel brochures, it's time to rethink your marketing strategy.

And speaking of the Mystery Country, we had an appointment Friday with the MFM. It went well--as in probably the most hopeful appointment we've had since we lost Sarah--but I'll have to give you the details later. You know, in between cooking for dogs and dispensing medication or, as in the case of PP, shoving it down their throats while saying sweet things like, "You WILL get better! I've spent too much money for you not to take this medicine and LIKE IT!!"


JES said...

Too funny (although I truly feel sorry for you, PP and the newest addition!) Don't you wonder why we all don't just cave in and buy doggie health care? I mean, their care rivals anything we pay for! Especially the meds!!

Soapchick said...

Oh man, poor doggies, and poor mommy. Ouch lots of moolah out the door, but I hope they are on the mend now. I also hope you don't have to move to Mystery Country.

Kari said...

Oh poor things! Hope all is well soon.

Thanks for stopping by - and now I am craving Frito's chili pie - it's probably my fave ballpark food, too.

AdventureMom said...

Poor pups, and poor you! Hopefully most of the mess is outside. I can't believe you got suckered into adopting a 2nd dog (I say with a hint of envy). Good Luck!

The Gutsy Mom said...

Dear Bootsy,

Way to go! You obviously achieved the correct balance of pathos and cuteness in order to get adopted by your awesome foster parents. I knew you could do it! And, oh yeah, good job holding off on the annoying (barfing/diarrhea) behavior until after your adoption was complete. Smart thinking!