Thursday, February 12, 2009

Should Have Known Better

So, remember a couple of days ago I told you about the guy wanting rent money? He came back yesterday but it was getting dark and TOIAW wasn't home so I suggested he come this morning and ask TOIAW for work. He didn't like that answer and really wanted me to give him money right then but what he didn't realize is that on any given day I am hard-pressed to come up with fifty cents but if I do you can guarantee at least half is going to be pennies. Well guess who showed up bright and early this morning? TOIAW made him an offer but it seems our friend needed to take the money to his landlord immediately but assured TOIAW he would be back soon to collect our leaves. Right. I hate having to be skeptical of everyone...

TOIAW and I don't really have any Valentine's Day plans although he did suggest dinner and a movie. Clearly I didn't marry him for his creativity. As long as I don't have to cook--and then do the dishes afterwards--I'll be fine with whatever we do or don't do. Oh, speaking of cooking, I just remembered we do have some plans for Valentine's Day: We're going back to Let's Dish! to make more meals because the ones my friend and I prepared last week were so good. Going with TOIAW should be interesting and fun; I'll let you know.

I think I'm now going to scour the internet for stories that will restore my faith in humanity. One of my biggest fears is that I will become a cynic and I simply cannot let this happen!


Soapchick said...

We won't let you become a cynic Rachel. There are a lot of good people out there too.

Tracy said...

I agree with Kelly, keep the faith, girl. :) Thanks for your constant support on my own blog.