Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forget It

I tried to restore my faith in humanity but then a story about the octuplet mom came on. This woman needs serious psychological help. She's nuts and so is the doctor who conducted her IVF therapy. By the way, I heard a report that he did IVF on a 49 year old who is now pregnant with quadruplets. Maybe he can get his name legally changed to Dr. Frankenstein? Anyway, loony or not, I don't think the woman deserves death threats but she has received them.

In other shocking news, TOIAW and I watched a news program on sexting which apparently involves teenagers texting naked pictures of themselves to 'friends' of the opposite sex. Despite the obvious problems with this kind of behavior, I believe it is illegal due to a little thing called child pornography. What do you think the odds are that parents are checking their kids phones to make sure their child isn't involved in these kinds of activities?

Hahaha, Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize the word 'octuplet.' I suppose that's because they are not normal. Humans weren't meant to carry litters.


Mrs.Preppy said...

The Octo woman really is getting old. I even read today that she is in 'hiding' because of all the press she has been receiving. Um... didn't she think about this before she had herself implanted with an entire litter of babies?!?!

Soapchick said...

Rachel - if you want to get a dose of good stories, stay away from mainstream media - it's nothing but bad news. Go to the book store or library and get a book on miracles, or happy pet stories or something like that. Just an idea. Sometimes when I feel like there is only negativity around me, I have to step back and read sappy stories.

mrsmuelly said...

Humans really weren't meant to carry that many babies - crazy or not. I'm totally tired of that story - it's sickening. I've decided to avoid all news for a while...which is my way to boycott her.

JES said...

Rach, I agree with the fact that this woman is not right in the head. I can say that I am truly angry with her choices and attitude. Not only has she produced a uber-large family, she has no means to care of them and seems to be fine with the idea of taxpayer support. Another of those "can you explain this to me God?"