Monday, January 26, 2009


Not well.

That's how we're doing on the New Normal campaign. I just keep thinking "I'm supposed to still be baby is supposed to be inside me growing and kicking...things aren't supposed to be like this!!!" TOIAW is struggling also. At least two people at our school asked about Sarah so he had to tell them she passed away. He wants me to be there with him and my teacher is also encouraging him to encourage me to come back soon but I just don't feel ready.

How is it that Sarah was so much stronger than both her parents?


Rachel said...

Just wanted to write that I am thinking about you. Please don't be hard on yourself about taking as long as you need to adjust to life without Sarah.

The Gutsy Mom said...

I would be surprised if the "New Normal" did NOT involve copious tears and hardships. I think you are doing an amazingly good job of giving yourself permission to grieve and celebrate and figure it all out all at once. Remember, Sarah's strength came not just from the Lord, but also from her parents. Love you.

The Major's Wife said...

hnag in, rachel brought you beautiful snow to admire from your warm cozy home this am.