Monday, January 26, 2009

Operation New Normal

Today is the first day of our 'New Normal' campaign. I don't have enough data to provide an accurate assessment of progress, however, I have yet to make any panicky tear-filled phone calls. Well, unless you count Andrew at Fisher House who, bless his heart, had to use his ESP skills to understand what the heck I was saying when I called to set-up a memorial fund for Sarah. Those FH people have hearts of gold, I tell ya... But that--shockingly--was the first time I cried today. Yesterday I didn't fare so well but considering it was the two-week anniversary of Sarah's birth and the one-week anniversary of her passing, I figure I'm entitled. Even so, I felt lifted by many prayers because TOIAW were able to talk about our Flippy and smile when remembering our week with her.

Here's something else that makes me smile: We bought Sarah's urn on e-bay. I know that's probably the most irreverent statement you've ever read but it makes me laugh. They had the same one at the funeral home but it was--I'm not kidding--six times as much! We thought we'd look online and see if we could get it for a little less but we didn't think there would be such a huge difference. It's a beautiful, modern piece that holds the ashes but is also a vase. We're going to have it engraved with her name and a verse or poem. TOIAW and I have big plans to make a donation, in Sarah's name, to a children's charity (more on that later) and this leaves more money for that so it's win/win. I'll never think of e-bay the same again.

I am going to do a little laundry and house cleaning today (I've traded the maids for a dog walker, at least for a few weeks). I'm also going to work on a letter I'm writing to Sarah chronicling our amazing week with her. It's difficult to write but it makes me feel so close to her. Here come the tears...I knew they were near.

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Rachel said...

Rachel, I am so glad that you are already working to celebrate Sarah's life. I think it's wonderful that you found the urn you want on e-bay and will be able to share a little bit more in honor of Sarah as a result. I am sure she is proud of you.