Monday, December 8, 2008

Lucky Few

You know when you read the pregnancy books and websites and they warn that some women have morning sickness throughout their pregnancy? I'm beginning to wonder if that's going to be me. Granted, today--thankfully--is the first time in a long time I've had an entire day of nausea but it seems like I've had more random recurrences lately which is both uncomfortable and a bit scary since I feel like I'm not getting the nutrition Flippy and I need.

I went to school with TOIAW but had to leave before my class began. My teacher was very sweet about it and I hated to leave but I wasn't fit to learn. Because I cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, I don't get to make-up the time which makes me feel rather guilty about wasting taxpayer money...then again, with this auto bailout thing, I suppose I'm hardly the least of the taxpayers' worries. But please know I'm going to diligently work on learning one hundred new words and phrases this week.

Oh, the adventure TOIAW and I had this weekend when we went to do a baby registry! We left the store 2.5 hours later feeling as if we had just run a marathon minus any endorphin-induced highs. I completely didn't expect it to be overwhelming and stressful, but it was. TOIAW felt the same way and that's rather unusual for him (although for him it was more because he didn't think the store layout lent itself to registering in a 'systematic' way). I felt more than a little inadequate when I saw at least two women with voluminous books containing baby gear reviews. I had done a little internet research and knew a few things I wanted but it was no where near as easy as choosing a crystal pattern. In any event, we now have one registry with what I hope are useful items and it's all set for our first shower which will be in my hometown over the holidays. It's early, I know, but my aunt insisted and resistance is futile.

Tomorrow TOIAW has an appointment with a ENT who will--I hope I hope I hope--recommend him for surgery to repair his deviated septum and allow me to have a peaceful night's sleep. The appointment is at a military hospital and TOIAW is very excited to wear his uniform displaying his new rank. He was very cute about going and buying new patches!

Well, Flippy is kicking which just goes to further remind me that I had zero servings of fruits and vegetables yesterday and even though I had a lovely salad for lunch, I'm not sure how much of those nutrients were absorbed before, well, you know. So, yeah, this motherhood thing is one big guilt trip already!


Mrs.Preppy said...

We have not even started to register... I am pretty overwhelmed every time I walk into Babies R Us. And I have done practically zero product research...

The Gutsy Mom said...

The Gutsy Dad and I had the same reaction when we went to register for our first. I spent half the time in one of the recliners staring into space while the husband brought me things and asked "Do you like A or B better?"