Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Hangover

We've had such a great time over the past week! Our drive went well (despite my illness) and we arrived in Oklahoma safe and sound on Friday evening. After spending the night at my grandparents' farm, we journeyed on to my parents' house and the madness began! In the past week we've celebrated a birthday (my cousin's), been blessed with a wonderful baby shower (for Flippy), visited the urgent care clinic (me), and spent lots of time with family. When I don't post for a long time it's difficult to get everything--especially in a very busy week like this one--but you get the idea.

TOIAW left today for a very brief brothers-only weekend in Las Vegas. I miss him but it is giving me time to rest and recuperate from whatever illness I still have (the urgent care doctor said tonsillitis but I highly suspect it's just a sinus infection; either way, I began feeling better once the antibiotics kicked in). He just called me and it sounds as if things aren't going as well as he hoped. I suspected this may happen because, well, his brothers have been almost mean to him lately. I wish I could think of a better word but I'm not feeling particularly articulate this evening. His older brother seems almost belligerent every time they speak and apparently today was no different. TOIAW has always idolized him and, although his love for him will never change, I can tell his opinion of his brother his is changing (for example TOIAW is realizing his brother isn't as wise as he previously thought nor is he the least bit open-minded) and that's difficult. There's so much more I want to say but it's probably best that I don't. I just hope I can be nice to him when we're together next week. Unfortunately, TOIAW's twin is just as bad or worse. He constantly harasses TOIAW about his hair loss. Mature, right? Okay, so maybe his hair line is receding but it began happening after TOIAW attended and passed the most difficult school offered by his branch of service. TOIAW passed the course; his twin brother dropped-out of the school at least twice. In any event, what normal 33 year old makes fun of people for things like this? He teases TOIAW constantly--calling him names that most tweeners would find too juvenile--and I plan on telling him next week that neither this, nor any other degrading comments will be acceptable once Flippy arrives. I'll do my best to bite my tongue and not suggest that adult behavior on his part would also be a good model for his own son. Oy! This is not what I intended on posting tonight...

Tomorrow is another big day! I'll be attending an afternoon first birthday party for my cuter than words nephew and a wedding in the evening. Somewhere in there I also plan on buying some fabric for a quilt for Flippy and, hopefully, a nap. I'm sure there are many great sales out there but I'm just not in the mood for shopping, plus, we don't really need anything. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the "sale" emails flooding my inbox! Anyway, Sunday PP and I will pack up and meet TOIAW in Dallas that evening to begin our drive to Florida. Seriously, I have no clue why we thought driving was a good idea. The one major bright spot, however, has been having PP with us; I miss her so much when I'm away from her. I hope there is room in the car for all our new baby paraphernalia and PP. For now I'm going to just lay here and watch my belly have to really know what you're looking for but it does move. Too cool!!

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The Gutsy Mom said...

It is SO COOL that you can see your belly move now. YAY! Give Flippy some pats for me. And whenever those encounters with The Brothers get too heinous, just put a hand on your belly and remind yourself of the wonderful blessing you and TOIAW have growing in there... Love ya!