Wednesday, December 3, 2008


If I spent several hours yesterday making flash cards and memorizing 50-75 new vocabulary words and today, while writing sentences, occasionally ask for your help to ensure said sentences are coherent and grammatically correct you should probably not "help" me by replying--in an annoyed tone, no less--rapidly in a language you have heard since birth but I have only been learning for four weeks. If you insist on doing this, however, and I collapse in a hormonal crying fit and you, realizing the situation has reached critical mass, are finally able to tear yourself away from the no doubt riveting information you were reading on the computer and guiltily embrace/smother me to the point where I cannot breathe and begin coughing and sobbing, I just might lose my breakfast on you. You know, just something to keep in mind. I bet you wish you had read this earlier, huh?

Much love,
Your Wife


JJ and Michelle Cartmill said...

you will never know the JOY that your "thoughts" bring to my life!

Tracy said...

MEN! ;)