Monday, November 17, 2008


I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm really hoping that:

1) Flippy is still perfect :)
2) The doctor does an ultrasound. Who knew I would miss the Germans and their love of ultrasounds?
3) Flippy isn't shy about showing us his/her "parts."

I'm a little nervous but that's probably more because of the appointment rather than finding out Flippy's gender. That is a far bigger issue for TOIAW than it is for me. I just want to be able to buy the right color clothing!

Speaking of TOIAW, today is the anniversary of our first "wedding" ceremony. If you're confused, read last year's post that explains it all.'s still super-secret! We have big plans for tonight: TOIAW went out to eat with a friend who is town on business and I ordered Papa John's*. To be fair, I should mention I was invited to dinner but politely declined (yep, Flippy was my excuse and I have no shame). Honestly, I'm exhausted after language class, our appointment is early in the morning, and tomorrow the same friend is coming over for dinner which means I will have to cook a legitimate meal.

I'm off to lay on the couch and watch HGTV even though I should be doing homework.

*If you're ever perusing their menu and think the whole wheat bread sticks sound like a semi-healthy choice, consider simply ordering extra dipping sauce and a pizza box. It might even taste better.


Krista said...

is it really still a secret? are y'all planning on being in the DC area around Christmas? Brandon and I are going up to Delaware, which is only a couple hours away. I would love to come see you!

i hope everything goes well tomorrow at your appointment!

Rachel said...

Happy anniversary! I just followed the link and read your story and it's so beautiful.