Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reporting For Duty

By the grace of God, I had a moment of clear thinking and scheduled my language classes to be every other day. I've really enjoyed the two classes I've had so far. I have a substitute teacher this week and will transition to the hard core teacher on Monday. Good times. I've actually met her though and she seems quite pleasant to me so I'm not worried. I've already had plenty of homework and that's fine with me since I only have about four-ish months of class. It helps tremendously that TOIAW can help me with my homework. I was reading to him last night--picture a child first learning to read, slowly sounding out words--and after about thirty minutes he politely asked, "Honey, how many more pages do we have?" We'll work on that before Flippy starts reading to him.

Today I took the subway for the first time (the first time here, that is). TOIAW had class at an alternate location so I braved it alone. You'll be happy to know I managed just fine. It's difficult to fail when you have TOIAW's instructions which include details as minute as where to enter the train in order to minimize the distance to the exit.

Now that I have to dress decently at least three days a week, I decided it was time to purchase some legitimate maternity wear. I have yet to find a pair of pants and/or jeans that fit decently. I happened to be on a military base yesterday and tried on some pants that might have worked but I just couldn't bring myself to buy maternity clothing manufactured under the label 'New Recruit'. Seriously. Looks like I'll be placing some orders online tonight.

In other good news, we finalized plans for a mini-vacation over Thanksgiving. We're not going very far away but we are staying somewhere very nice and hope to have a relaxing time together. Fortunately, we have a very effective savings plan whereby TOIAW's employer takes 2-3 months to reimburse us for travel expenses and adjust his pay according to his salary and benefits raise. We may or may not be able to afford food and rent in the meantime, however when they do finally pay us, we won't know what to do with ourselves.

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