Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not Today

I didn't get an ultrasound today. In fact, the appointment was pretty lame aside from hearing Flippy's heartbeat. TOIAW 'pressed' for an ultrasound but the doctor said we would probably get one next week at my advanced maternal age appointment. I'm very unclear as to what will happen at that appointment. It is with a genetic counselor and was offered to me because I will be 35 when Flippy is born. I was clear that we have already had extensive genetic testing and really, at this point, I'm not sure what a genetic counselor can offer us. It would seem that if they were concerned about Down's syndrome, they would have done a NT scan in the first trimester. In any event, I'm just going for the high-tech ultrasound I've been promised and I'm going to be ticked if I don't get one but, just so I'm not surprised, I called them to ask and the nurse is going to get me an answer by tomorrow. It's not just that I'm obsessive--no, really--because my doctor said she wasn't going to schedule me for an ultrasound at my next appointment unless I can confirm I will not be receiving one next week (why is it my job to confirm that?). Furthermore, if I wait until next week, it most likely will not be enough time to schedule one before the holidays.

I guess I must have been anxious about the appointment today because I hardly slept last night. Needless to say, I am exhausted today and have been running one errand after the other this afternoon. I am going to take a very brief power nap before finishing dinner. I so do not feel like hosting one of TOIAW's oldest friends, but duty calls. I hope they don't ask what the green ingredient is in the mashed potatoes because the girl at Whole Foods didn't know and I didn't care enough to wait around while she asked. Chives seems like a safe enough answer, right?

P.S. I may have mentioned this before, but why is Dr. Oz on Oprah so often? He's run out of common and normal topics and has moved on to the rare and bizarre. I should note I didn't actually watch it today so if he discussed an ailment from which you suffer I am in no way suggesting you are rare and/or bizarre.


JES said...

Advanced age my foot! Since when is someone in their early
30's "over the hill" where pregnancy is concerned?

JES said...
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The Gutsy Mom said...

It IS total craziness! I also was classified as having "advanced maternal age" when I was preggo with Jills at the ripe old age of 30. A friend recently told me that, at the same hospital, she went in pregnant with her first at 26, and the doctor said "Wow, have you been trying for a really long time?" (Um, no, they tried for one month.)

Also, hope the mashers with green things went over well!

AdventureMom said...

Only in our very special community do you count as an old mother! I would miss the frequent ultrasounds too, that and the complimentary midwives when the time comes. Labor with a language barrier? Not so much. Hope PP's "interview" was successful. That cracked me up.