Sunday, November 16, 2008


There's a blog I've read for about eight months now that is profoundly uplifting. Ironically, it is written by a couple who lost their daughter to SIDS when she was about three months old. Friday would have been Lilly's first birthday. Click here to read what her father had to say on Lilly's special day. I won't lie, it's sad but it's also deeply moving and is a huge testament to the power of love and prayers.

This is a link to the rest of the blog.

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The Gutsy Mom said...

I look forward to reading this blog when I have the strength. With the Gutsy Dad back, I am suffering from some kind of survivor's guilt which manifests itself in my crying uncontrollably whenever I read about something bad happening to someone else, particularly the loss of a loved one. (So I am thinking SIDS-related material is not okay for me right now.) In completely unrelated news, I am actually wearing a "New Recruit" t-shirt even as I sit here and type. I had to give up a little bit of my soul (okay, my pride) when I purchsed it, in desperation, when I was preggo with Jills.