Sunday, November 30, 2008

Extra Short Version

I just wrote a long post about the ultrasound and our Thanksgiving getaway but I hit something and now it's gone. Ugh.

In short, the ultrasound was wonderful! Flippy is developing right on schedule. The ultrasound was over thirty minutes long--during which time the doctor measured pretty much everything that could be measured--which you would think would be enough time to for Flippy to flip at least once to flash us a peek at his/her personal parts. Of course, if you thought that, you would be wrong. Fortunately, I have another ultrasound scheduled for the 16th so the doctor can get a more detailed look at the major organs that were just too small to see in great detail last week. Additionally, Mommy will--hopefully!--finally get to find out whether or not I should be buying pink or blue.

I promise a longer post tomorrow but right now I'm going to relax and check out all the online ads and sales that have filled my inbox in the last few days.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Few Things

Nothing particularly interesting has happened in the past week but here some items I wanted to share:

  • Yesterday we went to the re-opening of the Smithsonian's American History Museum. They had people dressed as famous people in history one of which was Samuel Adams. I heard him talking to some pre-teen girls who then told their father they just met Samuel L. Jackson.
  • While at the museum, we saw the copy of the Gettysburg Address that is usually in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House. There were signs everywhere stating "No Photographs" as well as guards verbally reminding people every thirty seconds. When it was our turn to view there were no less than three people taking pictures "secretly" with their cell phones and small cameras. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine (there really is a reason they tell you not to photograph, in case you were wondering) and as we were walking away from the display case I said to TOIAW, "I guess the term 'No Photography' is not clear enough for everyone to understand." A few minutes later this woman in her early twenties tapped me on the shoulder and said that she wasn't taking a picture and, therefore, there was no need for me to "trash talk her." Ummm, I wasn't ever speaking to anyone other than TOIAW and if you weren't taking a picture, I wasn't talking about you either. We continued to walk away while she and her companion followed us until TOIAW told them--in a semi-polite way--to be quiet and move away from us. That's the story of how I almost got into a brawl at the Smithsonian. Classy.
  • I added a new member to my staff: Laundry Boy. He bears a striking resemblance to TOIAW, doesn't fold, and demands a specific brand of fabric softener but he does carry the laundry from the basement upstairs to our room and so far he's really working out well.
  • Tomorrow is my 4-D high-resolution Level II ultrasound. I have no idea what any of that means (what is the fourth dimension?) but I'm excited! Details to follow.

Okay, that's about it and now I must get ready for my language class. Just once I'd like to go in there feeling like I'm completely prepared. I don't think that will be today.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not Today

I didn't get an ultrasound today. In fact, the appointment was pretty lame aside from hearing Flippy's heartbeat. TOIAW 'pressed' for an ultrasound but the doctor said we would probably get one next week at my advanced maternal age appointment. I'm very unclear as to what will happen at that appointment. It is with a genetic counselor and was offered to me because I will be 35 when Flippy is born. I was clear that we have already had extensive genetic testing and really, at this point, I'm not sure what a genetic counselor can offer us. It would seem that if they were concerned about Down's syndrome, they would have done a NT scan in the first trimester. In any event, I'm just going for the high-tech ultrasound I've been promised and I'm going to be ticked if I don't get one but, just so I'm not surprised, I called them to ask and the nurse is going to get me an answer by tomorrow. It's not just that I'm obsessive--no, really--because my doctor said she wasn't going to schedule me for an ultrasound at my next appointment unless I can confirm I will not be receiving one next week (why is it my job to confirm that?). Furthermore, if I wait until next week, it most likely will not be enough time to schedule one before the holidays.

I guess I must have been anxious about the appointment today because I hardly slept last night. Needless to say, I am exhausted today and have been running one errand after the other this afternoon. I am going to take a very brief power nap before finishing dinner. I so do not feel like hosting one of TOIAW's oldest friends, but duty calls. I hope they don't ask what the green ingredient is in the mashed potatoes because the girl at Whole Foods didn't know and I didn't care enough to wait around while she asked. Chives seems like a safe enough answer, right?

P.S. I may have mentioned this before, but why is Dr. Oz on Oprah so often? He's run out of common and normal topics and has moved on to the rare and bizarre. I should note I didn't actually watch it today so if he discussed an ailment from which you suffer I am in no way suggesting you are rare and/or bizarre.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm really hoping that:

1) Flippy is still perfect :)
2) The doctor does an ultrasound. Who knew I would miss the Germans and their love of ultrasounds?
3) Flippy isn't shy about showing us his/her "parts."

I'm a little nervous but that's probably more because of the appointment rather than finding out Flippy's gender. That is a far bigger issue for TOIAW than it is for me. I just want to be able to buy the right color clothing!

Speaking of TOIAW, today is the anniversary of our first "wedding" ceremony. If you're confused, read last year's post that explains it all.'s still super-secret! We have big plans for tonight: TOIAW went out to eat with a friend who is town on business and I ordered Papa John's*. To be fair, I should mention I was invited to dinner but politely declined (yep, Flippy was my excuse and I have no shame). Honestly, I'm exhausted after language class, our appointment is early in the morning, and tomorrow the same friend is coming over for dinner which means I will have to cook a legitimate meal.

I'm off to lay on the couch and watch HGTV even though I should be doing homework.

*If you're ever perusing their menu and think the whole wheat bread sticks sound like a semi-healthy choice, consider simply ordering extra dipping sauce and a pizza box. It might even taste better.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


There's a blog I've read for about eight months now that is profoundly uplifting. Ironically, it is written by a couple who lost their daughter to SIDS when she was about three months old. Friday would have been Lilly's first birthday. Click here to read what her father had to say on Lilly's special day. I won't lie, it's sad but it's also deeply moving and is a huge testament to the power of love and prayers.

This is a link to the rest of the blog.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not That I Procrastinate...

Oh no! The cleaning "helpers" arrived 45 minutes early...they got to see how we really live. I seriously hope they don't open the oven because I kind of have some dirty pans in there. I was totally planning on cleaning them before they arrived, I promise. I don't speak Spanish but I'm fairly certain their first words weren't, "This lady has it all together."

In further evidence of how ridiculous my life has become, PP has an interview today to see if she is suitable for the boarding facility that has been recommended to us. When I spoke to the girl on the phone yesterday, I did my best to act as if I think this is all perfectly normal when, in actuality, I think it's completely pretentious. Sure, I can understand them wanting to see how her temperament is but must you refer to this process as an interview? I keep thinking we need to prepare her with some flash cards or sign language (I knew I never should have moved away from you, Jess!). I've already decided that if they ask for references, we're leaving.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reporting For Duty

By the grace of God, I had a moment of clear thinking and scheduled my language classes to be every other day. I've really enjoyed the two classes I've had so far. I have a substitute teacher this week and will transition to the hard core teacher on Monday. Good times. I've actually met her though and she seems quite pleasant to me so I'm not worried. I've already had plenty of homework and that's fine with me since I only have about four-ish months of class. It helps tremendously that TOIAW can help me with my homework. I was reading to him last night--picture a child first learning to read, slowly sounding out words--and after about thirty minutes he politely asked, "Honey, how many more pages do we have?" We'll work on that before Flippy starts reading to him.

Today I took the subway for the first time (the first time here, that is). TOIAW had class at an alternate location so I braved it alone. You'll be happy to know I managed just fine. It's difficult to fail when you have TOIAW's instructions which include details as minute as where to enter the train in order to minimize the distance to the exit.

Now that I have to dress decently at least three days a week, I decided it was time to purchase some legitimate maternity wear. I have yet to find a pair of pants and/or jeans that fit decently. I happened to be on a military base yesterday and tried on some pants that might have worked but I just couldn't bring myself to buy maternity clothing manufactured under the label 'New Recruit'. Seriously. Looks like I'll be placing some orders online tonight.

In other good news, we finalized plans for a mini-vacation over Thanksgiving. We're not going very far away but we are staying somewhere very nice and hope to have a relaxing time together. Fortunately, we have a very effective savings plan whereby TOIAW's employer takes 2-3 months to reimburse us for travel expenses and adjust his pay according to his salary and benefits raise. We may or may not be able to afford food and rent in the meantime, however when they do finally pay us, we won't know what to do with ourselves.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Tried

For three days, I've done my best to write something profound regarding the election. It's not happening so I guess I'll just write a regular post instead.

The Gutsy Mom requested an update on my personal trainer and cleaning helper and likened it to my having a staff. That made me laugh but, oh my, I think I'm going to need a staff because next week I begin taking language classes three hours a day, three days a week. Just typing it makes my body want a nap! I'm most concerned about the time of day that was chosen for me: afternoon. Ugh. This was TOIAW's choice because that is when his classes are. For those of you whose husbands didn't just spend fifteen months away, I want you to really think about this. We will wake-up together, eat breakfast together, go to the gym together, eat lunch together, go to class together, take breaks together, drive home together, eat dinner together, spend our evenings're getting the point, right? He thinks it's going to be super. I, on the other hand, keep reminding myself I will have two days afternoons alone. It's not that I don't love TOIAW--I love him with all my heart--but I crave quite, alone time (no need to state the obvious regarding Flippy, I know). Oh, and my teacher is considered to be the most difficult and demanding in the language center. Cool. TOIAW told me all about how nasty she is (she teaches a friend of his) not knowing she was going to be my teacher. Furthermore, TOIAW's teacher described her as "a communist." This should be interesting. As long as she doesn't have a problem with my capitalist consumer ways, we should do okay because I am a serious student. And on those days when I don't feel like being a good student, I'll pay TOIAW to do my homework because the language I am learning is actually his first language. Oh, and now I'll really know what his family is saying about me...

Gutsy Mom, I am thrilled to say my "staff" is delightful! It's so easy to keep your house neat when someone else cleans it. Why did I not figure this out before? Additionally, I really enjoy my trainer and working out has really helped me to feel better all the way around. Because she's developed the work-out, I don't stress about doing too much which is great peace of mind. We've focused a lot on my core, balance, and flexibility. We got a great deal on a package of personal training sessions when we joined the gym and my dilemma is do I continue working with her at a much higher price or just go at it alone? I have a bit before I have to decide. Having a staff is not free, unfortunately.

We still don't have a cook and it doesn't look like we will anytime soon so I'm off to make a delicious, nutritious, quick, and simple meal. Just kidding. I'm only shooting for two out of four.