Friday, October 17, 2008

Location, Location, Location

I'm still suffering from this brutal head cold/sinus thing but it does seem to be easing a bit. This morning I thought I would take advantage of the steam in the shower loosening things up and attempt to unclog my left ear. Sounds good so far, right? Unfortunately, the combination of the stuffy head, heat, and holding my breath didn't harmonize as well as I intended and I when I opened my eyes the shower was spinning. I was really scared but managed to sit down and TOIAW walked in from the gym about thirty seconds later. I still think it was a decent idea however, I'm just not sure it was wise to do while standing in the shower.

We then took PP for a vet appointment because she had not received the Bordatella vaccine and she's often around other dogs at the dog park. We take her to the vet together. We're those people. If you don't believe me, you can ask my friend Jess who recently became a reader (wilkommen!). Jess is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and she is a vet. She lived three doors down from us when we first got PP. Bless her sweet heart, she never once, to my knowledge, referred to us as 'delusional lunatics who do not understand they have a dog and not a baby' and, believe me, if she did, it would have been justified. Furthermore, today I was reading all the notes in PP's medical charts and she even documented all my odd questions as if they were completely normal. A good friend, indeed. Oh, and her dog knows sign language for sit and down; it's uber impressive. Her husband, and the husbands of many of my friends, will be arriving home soon from there "really long business trip" and I'm so excited for them I can't stand it!!!

I'm currently waiting for TOIAW to get home--but he's only been gone five hours--so we can get something to eat. Cooking hasn't really been my schtick lately. Now that the weather has taken a cooler turn and I'm feeling less queasy, I just may get back on the wagon. I went to the grocery the other day after my appointment but after spending four hours and the clinic and pharmacy, I had no energy left and I only managed to get two-thirds of the items on my list. In fact, even though I saw this product I didn't have the energy to wade across the aisle to get it...and I've regretted it hourly ever since. Have you tried it?


JES said...

HA, HA, HA!!! Gotta love the link...and you MUST return to the store ASAP to purchase said item. It's that good and indulgent:) And, being pregnant, you get the "go directly to dessert" free card! Love you much!

The Gutsy Mom said...

Um, when I was pregnant with Jillsie, cooking meant taking a bagel out of the bag and toasting it. Hubby never complained, bless his heart. This time around hasn't been much better, I must admit, but I AM trying to get back in the cooking swing of things, because I really believe the man deserved more than a bagel when he returns...