Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Idea...In Theory

Flippy is fine--heard the heartbeat again!--and I don't have any signs of bronchitis. It seems it's just post nasal drip causing my cough so I pretty much wasted their time and mine (not that they would say that, of course). The prescription? Drink hot liquids every hour I'm awake. Do you have any idea how many bathroom trips that involves? Oy!

I also found out that I'm slightly anemic which is probably contributing to my lack of energy. I had no idea eating iron-rich foods is so complicated but you'd be surprised; some are easily absorbed and others are more easily absorbed when eaten with other foods blah, blah, blah. I'll figure it out. I did get permission to work-out (with appropriate restrictions) so hopefully next week I'll be able to meet with a trainer and get a good plan to follow which should also help my energy level.

In other news, PP got a nice bath and had some fun play time today. This was a bit hard for TOIAW who almost didn't leave her at the groomer's because he was convinced she did not want him to leave. He was seriously stressed about it and I would not have been surprised if he had walked back in the house with her. I guess my 'just leave her and she'll be fine' line worked after the fifth time because he did manage to tear himself away. She must have played hard because she came home, ate, and snuggled up next to me on the couch. TOIAW had doubts about whether or not she actually played and had a good time but, as I reminded him, the proof is in the puppy.

I'm off to drink my hot liquid of the hour and then get some sleep...probably in 20-30 minute intervals.

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