Monday, October 27, 2008

Good and Bad

I ran to the local (small) grocery store this morning for a few things and when I got home I told TOIAW that my chest feels so tight and sore. I didn't get much of a response until I explained the difference between chest and breast at which time we decided it was probably best to call the nurse and she what she said. So I called and when she heard my cough she kind of freaked out. Honestly, though, other than the cough and the sore chest, I don't feel too bad. I've been tired but I just assumed that was part of growing a baby and as soon as I could get some regular exercise, I would have more energy. Anyway, I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon so, hopefully, I will at least get to hear Flippy's heartbeat :)

It's cold here all of the sudden! I'm making a nice hearty stew that smells wonderful (see, I can smell which is something I literally couldn't do at a week ago so I'm probably fine). I hope it tastes as good as it smells. After dinner, I'm off to bed. If my life were more exciting, I couldn't stand it!

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soapchick said...

Get better soon Rachel!!!