Thursday, October 23, 2008

Easy Button

TOIAW has been urging me to hire a cleaning helper. Most women would love for their husbands to utter such words but for some reason I've been resisting it. Well, today I called and someone will be coming Monday. Who knew it would be so easy? Of course now I have to clean for the cleaning lady...

Now if I could just press the easy button for the big decisions in our life. The BIG one that comes to mind is our next move. We know where we'll be going--in fact, the only reason we are in D.C. is so TOIAW can learn the language spoken in that country--it's really just a matter if we will go or only he will go. It's not a country to which I have any affinity whatsoever although that alone is not enough to prevent me from going. No, my issues are more with health care and safety for the baby (whom we have given the in utero name of "Flipper"). What I really need to do is speak with an ex-pat mother who has recently been or is currently in the country; that should help, right? After all, Google can point me to an American clinic (at least that's what they call it) that follows the recommended CDC immunization schedule for infants but what is the place really like? Where are the vaccines manufactured? Do people who have been there have confidence is the level of care they have received? These are the things I need to know! In all honesty, though, I know part of the reason I am so frustrated is we thought we had the perfect plan whereby TOIAW went for six months alone and Flipper and I joined him after the holidays next year. Now they have changed the plans for TOIAW and it seems his move will be later than anticipated putting his departure date closer to my "Flipper is not moving to a more-or-less third world country before X months old" date. I don't like it when I have a plan and it doesn't work!

Want to hear some good news? I have been assured by TOIAW that, at minimum, I will have a full-time housekeeper when we move.


JES said...

No guilt or second thoughts over house help! Go for it girl!!! And if/when you arrive in said country, you can also get on a quick flight to this country and see me...we'll find you adequate care. :)

Rachel said...

Do keep us updated - these type of moving abroad issues are the same ones we are facing (except it's me moving and him staying) and I'm so interested in how you work it out. Of course, I'll be in Europe come May, which luckily is quite safe health-wise. I really hope you work out a way to stay together as a family as much as possible.