Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Made It

We survived our tour of duty today and relief troops have arrived. I didn't think adults became stupid (yes, that word was used multiple times) until kids reached the teenage years but clearly I miscalculated that one. I feel tremendously guilty about the fact that I do not want to see this family again until the holidays but it's true. I know God is calling me to pray over them but right now all I can pray for is not to be angry that this situation was ignored for so long and allowed to reach critical mass.

Right, well, moving on...we have decided to leave early in the morning to journey back to DC. I am excited to see my family -- and a good friend who will also be in town visiting her parents -- but I don't want to leave TOIAW for so long. I am craving a normal schedule and family life! Hmmm...that's the second time I've mentioned that today. In any event, it is a good time for me to go to Oklahoma because tomorrow my grandmother is having surgery for a brain aneurysm and I will be there to help in her recovery if need be. She has had terrible headaches since May/June and they are hoping this will give her some relief. Unfortunately, due to her age (82 today!), they would not approve her for brain surgery so they are doing a less-invasive procedure instead. While it should reduce the risk of the aneurysm bursting, it is not guaranteed to alleviate the pain so that, along with safety during the surgery, is our main prayer.

Another thing I'm going to do while home is work on my business. The website should be up and running by next week and then you all can see my handiwork! I'm sure the suspense is killing you ;) I'll be attending a Junior League holiday market and making some sales contacts. I am possibly the worst salesman on the face of the planet so this should be interesting (my dad and one of my brothers can sell anything but, clearly, I did not inherit this trait).

I have to close with a paragraph bragging on PP. She has been amazing with Nephew! He is all boy -- as you have most likely surmised -- and she could not be more gentle. She's had her ears tugged and her tail pulled, she's been used as a pillow, she's been teased with food, she's been mounted like a horse, and no doubt countless other forms of torture that I haven't seen. Through it all she has been nothing but sweet and gentle. A few times she has gotten up and gone to a different room but mostly she just takes it. I'm so proud of her!

Oh, speaking of proud, that reminds me...I am SO PROUD of my friends Joss, Vicki, and Jess who ran a marathon in Lake Garda, Italy this past weekend!!! Joss would probably tell you she didn't finish and only ran 19 miles but since I can't even imagine walking that far I have to give her major props! You rock, ladies!


JES said...

Love you Rach and hope you have a good trip to family and a speedy return to hubby!

The Gutsy Mom said...

The suspense IS killing me. I cannot wait to see your website and to become a customer!

Vicki said...

Thanks for the shout out and I can't wait for the dets on the business website.

Eloise said...

This is my first time to visit your blog, but I wanted to tell you congratulations on your pregnancy! I will be praying for you and your growing baby.

Good luck with your unpacking and your upcoming trip to Oklahoma.

Vicki said...

Really hanging on a thread here, the suspense is killing me. Hope all is well. Love from Auerbach.