Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Trip & First Impressions

As you can see, I didn't say goodbye to Germany until after I arrived in the US. That's probably because I was so nauseous Sunday that I could not get out of bed so I had to do a lot of packing before we left for the airport. [FYI, I would not recommend this course of action if you ever happen to be married to TOIAW; it makes him exceedingly nervous.] It took forever to check-in PP so I didn't have time to grab a bite at the airport which had been my plan (well, the original plan was to buy snacks on Sunday but I was too sick for that to work). I tried to buy some snacks at the airport but my only choices were chips and chocolate. The combination of being hungry, nervous about PP (who barked like crazy when they put her on the plane which, in turn, caused me to start hysterically crying), and turbulence was not good. I finally settled down after a tasty airline meal and slept like a rock but it all started again about an hour and a half before landing. Ugh.

PP and I had to wait for TOIAW to get our rental car -- we're rockin' a mini-van because that's the only vehicle large enough to accommodate all our luggage and PP's kennel -- and I was a little shocked by the weather. We left southern Germany in the throes of early fall and it's definitely still summer here. We ate something ASAP and I thought I was feeling better but once we got in our hotel room, I was sick, sick, sick. It seems cruel that I am the most sick I have been as I "prepare for a miscarriage." I was already sleeping when TOIAW came to bed and announced he and PP had found a [well known national chain] donut shop on post and we could eat there for breakfast. The mere thought sent me running... Guess what we won't be having for breakfast?

Despite the initial barking fit, all indications are that PP did great on the flight and, even though I can tell she's a little confused, she's doing great! That is such an answer to prayer! She needed to go out about midnight so I got dressed and then I got very nervous. Was it safe? That's something I never thought in Germany because you could just tell it was safe (where we lived, at least). I'm watching the morning news and there was a story about a college student in DC who woke-up to a man fondling her. Freaky. In any event, I'm happy to report our midnight stroll went well and no one was fondled or otherwise harmed.

I was really looking forward to American television but apparently 4am is not the best time to find quality programming unless you want to buy coins or exercise equipment. I'll try again later. We're getting ready to take PP for a 6am walk. I hope she doesn't come to expect this.

I have a doctor's appointment today although I'm unsure what time (nice, huh?). I'm not really nervous about it; I know it's probably because there is so much going on but once I get there, I'm sure I'll be more anxious. In any event, it's all in God's hands, not mine. After that, we have a gillion other tasks to accomplish -- my only priorities are cell phones and pick-up the keys to our house although TOIAW claims he has work stuff to do so we'll be gone for hours, I'm sure --but I promise to post an update.


The Gutsy Mom said...

I'm sure I speak for all of your anxious Bavarian readers when I say THANK YOU for posting and telling us you all made it safely. I am especially pleased to hear PP is doing well--one less thing to worry about! I'm thinking of you today and missing you.

Kari said...

Welcome back!

April said...

Hi Rachel,

I came across your blog and thought I'd stop by and say 'hi'. I'm so sorry to see that you've been sick. I pray that you'll be feeling better soon. Have a wonderful day!