Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Waiting!

Okay, so this is the update I promised you yesterday:

After two and a half hours of leaving messages at the place where I was supposed to be seen yesterday (you know, to find out what time I needed to be there), we threw in the towel and went to the hospital next door to where we are staying. They've pretty much already told me that if the pregnancy continues, they can't see me here but they were so helpful and kind yesterday...well, after TOIAW got through the 'heavies' at the front desk. You know how it is...they're government workers who are fully capable of dealing with scenario A, B, or C but we threw them a little scenario D mixed with some G and they balked but they were no match for TOIAW's perseverance (few people are). Right, so we met with the triage nurse who looked at my hormone levels and the ultrasound picture from Friday and didn't quite understand why the German doctor gave such a grim prognosis. She (the nurse) then went to discuss it with a doctor who said the same thing. That was reassuring but it's hard for me to get my hopes up just yet (sorry, just being honest). I have an appointment today to go over my medications and possibly to have an ultrasound although I also have an appointment Friday for an ultrasound because, ideally, the two would be one week apart. So now we wait...

Our sweet PP refuses for us to leave her so she has tagged along on all our errands. The one exception, however, was the medical appointment during which time we put her in one of the bedrooms of the apartment where we're staying -- because she can open the main door -- and she managed to lock herself in. She's having some separation anxiety, if you can't tell. She wants us all together all the time. I'm hoping she will settle down once we move into our house and our things get there which will be tomorrow.

We did manage to get cell phones and pick-up the keys to our adorable little circa 1923 house in the cutest neighborhood ever. TOIAW can either walk to the metro to get to class or ride his bike. The traffic is killer so either option is far better than driving.

I don't think we have too much to do today, other than the appointment at 1pm, but I'm sure TOIAW has a list of things to accomplish. Personally, I'd like to go shopping!

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