Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You're going down

I have killed at least ten flies and my estimate is there are at least that many more still buzzing around. You're going down HARD CORE, flies! If you thought Russia vs. Georgia was bad, just wait until you see what I do when you invade my territory*!

I must get ready for Bunco, but I will be back to launch another full-scale assault in a few hours.

*This is in no way meant to be a statement regarding my thoughts on that situation but, believe me, I have plenty. I actually wanted to blog about it even though this isn't really that kind of blog, but TOIAW vetoed that. That area is his specialty and me sharing my thoughts might not be so good for him. I might have to get a lobotomy before we go to embassy dinner parties. Oh, and it's probably a very good thing that I won't be seeing my Russophile sister-in-law next month (well, she's not techinically a Russophile since she is Russian, but she fits the bill otherwise). Let's just say I am the antithesis of her and leave it at that.

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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

My hubby thinks we're the only ones at war w/ flies!!! yuck! Good luck w/ your IVF. I got preggo 2x w/ fertitlity treatments & 2 friends that have beautiful boys thur IVF.