Monday, August 18, 2008

What You Really Want To Know

I don't have much to report about how the two-week wait is going. So far I have mild to moderate cramps most days (actually Saturday and today have been the only 'moderate' days). It's bad enough that if they were just period cramps, I would take something. I'm praying this is normal. On some level I actually welcome the cramps because it makes me think something is going on in there but I kind of freak when they get stronger. Last night when I didn't feel much I actually prayed the cramps would's hard to make me happy.

Today I began the dreaded progesterone in oil intramuscular injections. Right about now, all the infertility experts are re-reading the previous sentence and wondering what kind of quack doctor I have because everyone knows you should begin these right after egg retrieval. My clinic preferred that I only take injections of the pregnancy hormone hCG for the first week and begin taking the shots and estrogen tablets today. I questioned this and we discussed it and I really haven't given it a second thought because what good is it going to do me? Anyway, back to the shot... so the health clinic on post cannot administer shots prescribed by a German physician. Fair enough, I suppose, but the fertility clinic refused to instruct TOIAW on IM injections because they insisted these must be given only by a doctor. After some phone calls a friend pointed me in the right direction and the immunization nurse was happy to help teach TOIAW how to rock the IM shot. I'll be honest, I was terrified it would hurt (you should see the needle--sorry, Breanne!) and then it didn't. I kept questioning whether or not he really got into the muscle. See, you can't please me: I want painful, but not too painful, cramps and very painful shots!

P.S. It's gotten more and more sore as the day's gone on so I think it was on target.

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