Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thinking For Us

I'm coming to the conclusion people don't want us to think for ourselves:

Is anyone else completely creeped out by the feature on Google that lists what you might be typing in the search box? It's like they're in my mind and it's more than a little disconcerting. TOIAW has been keeping himself busy at night by playing with Google Earth which is really cool, I must say, but also a bit creepy. It's like they're in your mind and watching you from the outside also.

Does the news media think we're all complete morons? Do they think we're incapable of watching a speech and forming our own opinion? Apparently so because there are no less than ten commentators on every network explaining to you what you just saw and heard everytime someone moves that the DNC convention. Last week I saw a reporter going around showing his viewers where his network's convention headquarters are and where the crew would be eating. I'm not sure what made him think he is news. I'm even less sure why I watched it. I've seen the field where BO's acceptance speech will be made so many times I feel as if I've been there. I probably won't even watch his speech; I'll wait for someone to give me the BO's Presidential Acceptance Speech for Dummies version instead.

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dmarie said...

Yeah, the media coverage is quite redundant. I'm honestly ready for it all to be over with.

BTW--congrats on your pregnancy and the great numbers!