Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ovary Update

They are sore. Very, very sore.

My appointment yesterday went well but my doctor decided I should continue to take the stimulation medication for a couple more days to give some of the smaller follicles a chance to catch-up in size. The retrieval is scheduled for Friday. [If my eggs are fertilized on the first day of the Olympics, do you think my child(ren) will be gifted with athletic prowess?] My doctor begins a two week vacation on Monday, so she won't be there to do the transfer but I'm okay with that.

I spent the morning chatting with my neighbors. It's a lovely cool and breezy day. They're very sweet to offer to bring us meals during the IVF and even though I told them it's not necessary, they insisted and it's very kind of them. Even though none of these people are close friends, I'm still going to miss living here. I don't think it's possible for me to live somewhere and not be involved in the community which is good, I think, except when you move as much as I do. In DC we won't be part of a unit and I doubt we'll be chummy with our neighbors but I have a few ideas of how to meet people and I do plan on volunteering at Fisher House (one of my favorite charities).

I would love to go for a walk today, but my ovaries are so sore it's just not comfortable (yes, this post has come full circle back now that we're back to the ovaries). I've got to find something to do because I cannot just sit around for the rest of the day. I mean one can only waste so much time on Facebook...

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The Gutsy Mom said...

I just caught up (reading your blog, that is). I pray for you and TOIAW and your IVF journey all the time, but I am praying extra hard right now. Love to you. I can't believe you're moving. I miss you already.