Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Not About yOU

I didn't intend to write another blog post today but I've been compelled by somone's stupidity. That someone is apparently a fan of the University of Oklahoma. This person, Stupid OU Fan (SOUF), is in China for the Olympics and is currently attending the Today show. SOUF is in the crowd and has been waving a huge OU banner during the entire broadcast. SOUF doesn't realize the Olympics are an event showcasing our national allegience rather than an individuals' collegiate loyalties. SOUF doesn't know this because 1) he is stupid, and 2) he is an OU fan...oh, gosh, there I go again being redundant.

Might I suggest, SOUF, that you lay down/burn your crimson and cream banner and pick up the Stars and Stripes? If that doesn't appeal to you, you could always go to a bar where no one speaks English and tell them how OU is going to win the National Championship this year. True, they probably won't care but you've already told the entire English-speaking population so they're really your only chance at a fresh audience.

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