Monday, August 25, 2008

I Want to Relax...You Have to Believe Me

My first blood test is tomorrow. I wish I could just relax and simply await the results but that isn't happening. It's safe to say I'm having [at least a mini-] freak out. This would probably occur naturally but I don't think I helped matters when I took another test this morning only to find that the second line wasn't darker than the second line 48 hours earlier. The internets tell me HPTs (home pregnancy tests) are qualitative and not quantitative but everyone else seems to get darker lines... Anyway, for some reason it just hit me today that even if tomorrow is a good number it really means nothing unless it is followed by another good number Thursday. Ahhh, the agony!!!

Now, while I don't have a daker second line, what I do have nausea. TOIAW asked me how bad the nausea is. I told him it was worse than the time I had to ride in the backseat of a car in NYC with his parents who had just doused themselves with cologne/perfume (I'm not joiking when I tell you TOIAW's father uses one huge bottle of cologne per quarter). Did I mention it was during a July heatwave and they didn't want the air conditioner on nor the windows down? Okay, so he didn't appreciate the example so much, but he got my point.

I don't have much else to say about all that so let me transition to the upcoming move. We fly two weeks from today which means we have to leave this house. Sadly, I'm pretty sure they're expecting this house to be clean. The thought of deep-cleaning a bathroom is not a place I can go right now. TOIAW has approved a cleaning service, but I'm almost embarrassed for even a complete stranger to the, um, condition of one of the showers.


KimboSue said...

My first u/s is tomorrow and I am DYING to know the results too. I actually stood my ground and refused to POAS before the blood test. I couldn't handle the stress of the tests or the maybes of them or the line watching, etc. Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you!


Tracy said...

For what it's worth, none of my lines ever got darker, and in fact, some of them were lighter. I don't buy that whole lines-get-darker-as-you-develop-higher-HCG thing. And my beta was through the roof.

So you hang in there.

And the nausea, though highly irritating, is a good sign, too. :)

And forget about the shower and let somebody else clean your house! You are delicate, and besides, you'll never see them again and I guarantee they've seen worse.

Kristin said...

Good luck...and, lines don't always darken. As long as there are two of them, you are PREGNANT.

BTW, starlight mints help with the nausea.

The Gutsy Mom said...

In my experience, the joy of having someone else do my dirty work always outweighs whatever embarrassment I feel at first.... hire the cleaning service already! You sooooo deserve this. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Rachel said...

I'll definitely be thinking of you tomorrow. And do delegate the cleaning if you can let yourself - you're leaving the country right? No one will ever know. And it's not like you haven't been busy this past few weeks ...