Sunday, August 10, 2008

Exactly What I Needed

Yesterday got much better. I have no doubt it was due to the faithful prayers of many--thank you, my friends! TOIAW and I had a [rational] discussion after we both had some time alone which was helpful. We then went to a birthday party for two of the neighborhood boys. They rented a bouncy slide that was a ton of fun (adults used it after the kids left). I went to see a chick flick with a friend and when I got home we did more adult bouncy slide in the dark...that almost sounds indecent, but I assure you it was good, clean fun. It was the perfect way to relax.

When we came inside, I talked to my sister-in-law and told her I decided I wasn't going to call the clinic today to see how things are progressing. The main reason being I didn't want to find my peace in Google because, when it comes to infertility, it only seems to bring me questions and not answers. Don't get me wrong, it can be very helpful but probably not so much under these circumstances. In any event, my Source of peace is not statistics, information, or other people's experiences so I turned to God and He really came through!

TOIAW and I slept so well last night. Even the dog slept well! A good night's sleep is great medicine. TOIAW got up first and went downstairs to see what work emergency neccesitated the three phone calls he received while we were still in bed. I heard him talking and assumed it was work-related but it turns out he called the clinic. The embryolgist said he didn't want to disturb the eggs/embryos today but he was confident they would do well. I'm not sure how he can guarantee that, but I'll take it until I hear otherwise. He also acted as if it was no big deal that there were so many eggs not mature and that our fertilization rate was good; apparently they only attempted to fertilize the three mature eggs. Amazingly, this didn't affect me either way. The bottom line is I KNOW God can do this. He may or may not do it, but I KNOW it's possible.

Today we went to a dragon festival that is something like five hundred years old. We watched a very long parade where everyone was in medieval dress. I have no idea what it was about, but it was interesting and something to do. We took the dog and on the way home stopped by our favorite Indian restaraunt for dinner. It's very close to the doctor's office and clinic so we waved to the embryos. I know, we're goofy but it felt good to be hopeful. I remember last time I did IVF I said I was just going to proceed as if it was going to work because if it doesn't I'm still going to be disappointed. I'm in that place again and it's a good place to be.

Thanks again for your sweet comments and all the emails from friends. You have no idea how much your prayers and support mean to me!

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Tracy said...

Yay...I prayed that you would find peace through this process, and it worked! :)

I hope that makes you feel better about the fert rate; since they only tried to fertilize three, and two fertilized, that seems good to me! And it only takes two, as I personally know.

Can't wait for continued good news from you. Glad you had fun at the festival, etc.