Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can You Imagine?

If I lived in New Orleans with PP and had to rely on the government to evacuate me knowing they would not accomodate her, I don't think I could leave. I seriously don't. Leave her to drown or starve? Nope, no way could I do that. I hope you'll join me today in praying that the people in the affected areas will indeed evacuate their homes and find shelter elsewhere.

***UPDATE*** I just heard on the news that they will evacuate animals to the same shelters as their owners! That's great news BUT there was a woman with a very large dog and the animal bus driver (what a title) said he wouldn't take her dog. Being the owner of a German Shepherd, I have faced this as well and I just pray it works out for her and her dog.


Tracy said...

That bothered me, too, but I was glad to see there were animal rescue organizations on site facilitating evacuation. I'm sure they got her and her dog out of there.

I turned to Gus after that segment and said, "Gus, I would never leave you behind..." He seemed to know what I was saying, as always.

The Gutsy Mom said...

I could NEVER leave my dogs. I had to have a serious conversation about this with my husband early on in our marriage so that he wouldn't be surprised should calamity strike. Luckily, he agreed.