Thursday, August 28, 2008

Adventures in Endocrinology

Several months ago I tool a glucose tolerance test at my RE's office. I was within the normal range but a little high. During my appointment Tuesday she told me she wanted me to repeat the test on Wednesday with an endocrinologist. At this point, I would take an AP Physics test in order to increase my chances of a healthy pregnancy so drinking a little sugar solution didn't phase me. TOIAW couldn't go with me but he gave me detailed directions and sent me on my way (I'm a slave to the navigation system but ours is built into our car which is hopefully on a boat in the Atlantic right about now). My RE's office told me the doctor's office was located at this huge mall but I thought she meant it was in an office building near the mall -- like a mall complex or something -- because unless you do hearing aids or eye glasses in about an hour, what medical doctor has an office in a mall? Apparently, several do because once I finally found the area of the mall where said offices are, I walked into the wrong office. This doctor had the same last name as the doctor I was supposed to see but I had a feeling something was wrong when I saw the lovely waiting room 'decor' which consisted of various forms of skin ailments. Yes, I was in a dermatologist's office but they pointed me in the right direction. (I keep kicking myself wishing I had told them pictures of boils don't give off a calm and welcoming vibe.)

I was very late for my appointment (it's a huge mall and I parked on the opposite side of where I needed to) but one look around the office told me that probably wouldn't be a problem. The staff of three had the patients out numbered by one. I was having a lot of difficulty communicating with the front desk girl who told me I would need to pay cash but couldn't tell me how much it would cost (that didn't set too well with me). Finally the doctor, who spoke excellent English due to two years spent in the US, came out to rescue both of us and said they would just bill my insurance. I had secretly been hoping I could just leave and wait until we get to the States to repeat the test, but by then I had to stay. The doctor ushered me to his office where he proceeded to take down my medical history...on the back of a scrap of paper. After that the test began although, rather than taking my blood, the nurse just monitored me with a little glucose test kit like diabetics use. My first number -- the fasting number -- was 93 which the doctor felt was a little high as he wants to see it under 90 (the internets say the magic number is 95). They tested again after an hour and that number was good and then again after two hours and that number was excellent. Did I pass? No. I was the lucky recipient of a home monitoring system that I now must use every morning to measure my fasting number (this morning it was 76).

The doctor counselled me on a diet (whole grains, lean protein, veggies, a little fruit, etc.) and then took forever to show me how to use the monitor. It was almost 1pm and I hadn't had anything to eat or drink (save the sugar drink for the test) since 11pm the night prior. I was so thirsty and starving and, just between you and me, I left there and had a pretzel with cheese on it and I'm pretty sure it wasn't made with whole wheat flour. At least I didn't pass out like the other patient. She was having a similar test but it involved a blood draw and once as she was coming back from the lab, she went down for the count. She recovered nicely, I'm happy to say.

Oh, I forgot to mention that somewhere in there I had an ultrasound on my thyroid and it's normal. I'm not sure it was necessary; I think the doctor just didn't have anything else to do.

The best part is I get to go back next week and repeat this fun-filled adventure only not with the same doctor as he will be on holiday in France. Yeah, cause he clearly needs to slow things down and enjoy life...


lub said...

Hmmm- docs at the mall? I guess after a difficult procedure or some yucky news you could shop to make yourself feel better. (Here from ICLW)

Kristin said...

Congrats on your pregnancy. I hope you have a wonderful 9 months.

Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

Hi! It's my first time to visit your beautiful blog!!!

Congratulations on your BFP! May the hCG's rise!!!

Arpee @ The Saga of Becoming Fruitful

Tracy said...

Interesting process...I wonder if that's the same thing as the GTT in the states? I had a similar test at 13 weeks, and then again at 28 weeks.