Wednesday, July 30, 2008


That's JWIAW's battle cry! We get the money back for our old computer!

I regard this as a major victory because the post exchange is not always known for their customer service. I often feel the attitude is "shopping here is a benefit and you can use it or not." I think it's important to always remain calm, articulate, and concise when pursuing an issue like this but never back down from your position. Oh, and try not to take it personally because, once you do, it's difficult to maintain focus. [Just to be fair, I should state that TOIAW is exceedingly better at this than I am.]

This took far less time than I thought it would. If you need to fight any customer service-related fights for you, you know where to find me!

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Krista said...

Rachel! I didn't see your earlier comment until this morning. Of course I would love for you to come visit! You'll probably want to stay at my parents' house with Katie, but Brandon and I live right across the street. What part of NoVA are you going to be in? We were in Fairfax for most of the time, and it was really beautiful. Traffic was not so great, but I really loved the area. Today is Thursday, so I am assuming you have already been back to the doctor. I hope that everything went well!

ps. the pedicure place we went to was called "LA Nails". Don't go. Aside from telling me I had ugly feet the lady really physically hurt my feet. I think she jammed a nerve.