Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sweet Relief

I'm back from the clinic and all is well because:

1. I received a "release" letter stating I am cleared for anesthesia.

2. I got a prescription for a muscle relaxer which shoud bring some relief and, hopefully, rest. X-rays showed a muscle spasm which is likely putting pressure on a nerve. Go, Dr. Google!

The PA was still a little flighty and still not professional. I realized when I was in her office, however, that she is younger than my youngest brother (and he's eight years younger than me) so I'm thinking maybe it's just an age thing. I really should give her a break; she helped me and, even though that's her job, she did go above and beyond. This age theory is a bit troubling though--I'm a little young to be pulling the, "Back in my day..." stuff.

Dinner is DONE because I threw this in the slow cooker this morning. It's a favorite recipe around here and the leftovers are a hit also. We don't eat pork, but I hear it's good with pork loin also. I think TOIAW can handle the after-dinner cleaning and I will be enjoying my drug-induced rest.

I promise you some pictures tomorrow!

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