Monday, July 21, 2008

Maximum Range of an Excuse

In TOIAW's work environment there is a saying: The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters. I fully expect him to say this to me today when he gets home. I did have anesthesia today for a mild procedure which included puncturing a cyst and having a look see at my uterus but I was 80% three minutes after waking up and easily 100% fifteen minutes later--and I told him as much, silly me. FYI, everything went fine with the procedure and I do some kind of supression shot Tuesday and Wednesday and then begin stims on Friday. If that doesn't make sense to you fertile people, that's okay, I only partially understand myself. I've been preoccupied with the move and haven't had sufficient time to obsess but, coincidentally, the move will be completed (mostly) Thursday just in time for me to devote myself full-time to IVF Obsession.

We do not have everything prepared for the movers. [Rachel asked me if I had any moving tips since she's moving in a few weeks. HA! It's so sweet, though, that she thinks I'm organized enough to be able to offer useful advice.] All my neighbors say "oh, just leave it and let them do all the work" but the thought of doing that seems so irresponsible. There's only one major project left and that's my craft room. It's a work in progress, but still probably several hours away from completion. There's so much fabric and scrapbooking junk (right now it's junk because I'm sick of looking at it and finding more in every drawer, nook, and cranny) and if I let them just throw it in boxes, I would never be able to sort it out. The semi-good news is it must be completed by tomorrow morning because someone is coming who needs access to that room and let's just say that's not exactly possible at the moment.

Right, so it's 7:45pm and I got home around 3 and promised TOIAW I was going to take a short nap before starting back to work. Guess how much work I've done so far? If you guessed none, or less than none, you win!


soapchick said...

well hopefully TOIAW will be understanding, even with his zero excuses mantra.

Tracy said...

I'm with you...even with movers I like to have certain things organized before they get their hands on my stuff.

Continued good luck with the move.

soul-quest said...

Shalom, and thanks for your comment on my Blog. I read back on your Blog and saw you lived with your husband in Israel for three years. Didn't quite get whether you were Jewish as well as your husband. Never mind. Just wanted to say b'hatslecha for Friday and the suppressing. This beginning time of each IVF cycle was always so exciting, so full of hope and promise. Good luck to you with the IVF and the move.