Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm a Mess!

I'm covered in hair and blood. No, there wasn't an accident at the spa. That would be tragic, no doubt, but what I experienced was equally traumatizing. It seems our dog, PP, has bronchitis. You would think a trip to the vet to have that diagnosed would be more or less straight forward but, then again, you don't live in Germany.

I do take some responsibility because, not recognizing a dog cough, I thought she had something stuck in her throat. The vet did recognize the dog cough but wanted to have a look down her throat just to be sure. FOUR sedative injections later (the last three doses were given by IV) she was semi-relaxed enough that if three people were holding her the doctor was able to get a look and inform me her throat is red and irritated but only from the bronchitis. I now have a drunk doggie who keeps stumbling around to find a comfy place to rest. Bless her heart.

I sometimes wonder if I'll even be able to handle motherhood. I mean this mere two hour ordeal was both physically and emotionally draining and it involved minimal crying and whining (although I did lose several hours of sleep due to her coughing and my worrying). It's just breaking my heart to see her like this and don't think I didn't cry. The vet and her assistant exchanged some glances about that but at least they didn't start talking about me in German (at least not in my presence).

So, it looks like the remainder of the day will be spent petting and sweet-talking my sweet puppy. She's extra cuddly now and I love that. I'm also going to finish the post I'm writing about an experience we had in Austria so stay tuned!

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Tracy said...

Aww...she needs her mama. That's why she's cuddly. My dog is the same way. I hope she's feeling better soon.