Thursday, July 31, 2008

Could be worse...

...could be better. I had 6-7 follicles today but the RE thinks we'll retrieve about 5 good ones. It's odd I know, but I'm not upset about it. What did bother me was that it was 90+ degrees and, while the exam rooms are [slightly] air conditioned, the main office isn't and we had to spend half an hour talking to them about billing issues. After that we went to the pharmacy where our debit card didn't work (they repeatedly asked us if we had enough money in the account which made us feel so cool) so we had to go to the bank to withdraw money--from the same account--and return to pay. It was so freaking hot!

Seriously though, I'm just waiting to start freaking out about this and it hasn't happened yet. I was a little nervous/anxious on Tuesday but not so much now. Today's news was a little better than Tuesday's but it was during my last cycle as well. I'm too tired to expound on this peaceful, easy feeling but I know Who it's from...and I know He won't let me down. Even my googling is half-hearted; I'll open a window with something I googled and then go on to something else and then forget why I googled it in the first place. Either this is going to work or not but reading about other people's experiences won't tell me anything. It will never be enough to comfort me but sometimes the least little negative blurb written on some Australian message board in 1999 is enough to discourage me. Whatever. My next appointment is Monday afternoon and she anticipates a retrieval on Wednesday or Thursday.

TOIAW just asked me if he is the main focus of my blog entries. I told him no and that, actually, he isn't mentioned by name in this post but he requested that I mentioned him...and he gave me a bite of ice cream so there you go. I love you, TOIAW. You and PP are the lights of my life :)


hollibobolli said...

Every single person I know who has undergone fertility treatments has eventually had a child. And then there's the worst case scenario - the person who was never supposed to be able to have children, with cysts, endometryosis (and something else that is escaping my mind right now) - on birth control with the aid of something else I'm not mentioning online... and I still had my daughter.

Worrying about it is what screws everything up - you must not half-heartedly google. Google knows.

btw - have you checked into acupuncture?

obviously I don't have time to catch up on your entire life when Faith is screaming for a banana.

Rph Mommy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I LOVE your blog's design. It's gorgeous.