Thursday, July 17, 2008

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Right, so I still haven't finished the post about the incident we had in Austria. It's partially written, but I haven't had the emotional energy to finish it. Things have been busy and crazy around here this past week.

Where to begin? Let's see...last week I had an appointment with my RE who discovered a new cyst and that was pretty discouraging. She did, however, give me a plan: I will go in Monday for a combined mock embryo transfer/make sure the uterus looks good (no polyps, fibroids, etc.) and if the cyst is still there, it will be punctured. In the meantime, she requested that I get a statement from my general practitioner stating that I am healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. I, of course, explained to her that would be very difficult because I have never been to the clinic at our current base and even if I had a long relationship with someone, I didn't think many American physicians would be all that jazzed about signing off without performing a battery of tests. My RE pressed the issue so I said I would try. I called the clinic and they told me to come in on Tuesday at 10:00. The ONLY day of the week I had plans was Tuesday at 10:00 and I really wanted to go to Bible study. I foolishly told myself it would go quickly and I would still be able to make it. Ha.

I was called back to do the vital signs bit just a few minutes after I arrived and it all went well until she asked me how many pregnancies I've had. I told her three and she then asked how many children. My throat was tightening, but I managed to get out, "zero," without my voice cracking. This normally doesn't bother me too much, but it did that day. Okay, well that was over and then I met with a PA. I didn't mind that I was seeing a PA because what I wanted could be done by anyone. When I told her what I wanted, she immediately balked but I expected as much. I wasn't upset with what she said, but how she said it; she used the term, "what the hell..." at least twice. Klassy, no? Her language and her Hello Kitty mousepad didn't have me feeling the professional vibe if you know what I mean. BUT, she said she would call my doctor and talk to her. My doctor speaks perfect English and I had her phone number but for some reason she got a German to run interference. While the PA was speaking to the RE, not-so-kind German lady interrogated me about how I found this RE and when I told her it was through personal research, she rolled her eyes and said that wasn't always a good idea. You know what's NEVER a good idea? Pink banana clips. But that didn't stop you from putting one in your hair today.

So, the PA agrees to help me and orders a battery of tests to be conducted at the hospital in my town. She also ordered an EKG that was done at the clinic that day. Because my life seems to work this way, it came back abnormal. I asked the PA what it meant and her exact words were, "it's a blip, but I don't really know how to read these things." Super! She did send me to a cardiologist who saw me for about 2 minutes yesterday and told me it's fine and he explained it to me but I won't bore you with it.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though, because while I was getting dressed to go to my appointments yesterday morning I severely injured my back while--get this--putting on my underwear. Yes, those things should come with warning labels. I'm not sure what I did, but my back is killing me. Dr. Google thinks it could be my sciatic nerve. There is not one position I have found that is comfortable and, as a result, I hardly slept. I figure I'll ask the PA since I have to go back to her to go over the test results.

The movers are coming next week and this back thing is really the last thing I need. Ideally, I'll have everything organized by Sunday so I don't have to worry about it but we'll see. Theoretically, I could do nothing and let the movers do all the work but I still feel the need to prepare.

What else, what else? I'm sure there's more complaining I could do. No! Actually, I have some GREAT news: We got a NEW laptop!!! This is really exciting news for me, sad as that probably sounds. Designing a website--okay, communicating with the web designer--is a lot easier when you have a working computer. As soon as it's up and running, I'll give you the link.

I'm off to see the Hello Kitty PA...I'm really praying all is well with the test results. In addition, I'm hoping the director of the clinic hasn't had a chance to speak to her before I see her. It seems TOIAW met the new commander of the clinic today and they had a chat...something about me being so upset after I left the clinic that I showed up in his office sobbing so hard he wouldn't let me drive myself home.


Rachel said...

What a hassle with the PA, but yay for a new laptop! And photos soon (I hope).

Tracy said...

Pink banana clip! Ha!

Sorry about your back, but I see in a later post that you have some medicinal help for that. Hope it's helping. Good luck with the movers this week!