Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Rocked 'Em

My house is in a row of townhouses and our back yard faces the back yard of the people who live behind us. The fences don't meet and there's quite a bit of space between for kids and dogs to run and play (there's even a playground). We usually go outside for a bit each night to hang out and chat. It's nice and certainly gives off that neighborhood vibe which is cool. Last night I made a couple of desserts and took them out to share. One was a cherry cobbler made with fresh cherries (second one I made this week) and the other was a sopapilla cheesecake which is divine although, personally, I am partial to anything with fresh cherries.

My sweet little neighbor Liam, who is six, had this to say to me:

Liam: "Miss Rachel, I really loved the cheesecake dessert you made."

Me: "Oh, Liam, I'm so glad you like it. That makes me happy. You know, I'm really going to miss you when we move." I really will miss him; he's a very fun and funny kid. If I had had a class of students like him when I taught kidergarten, I might have enjoyed it.

Liam: "Yeah, well it was really delicious. It really rocked me."

Me: "It what?"

Liam: "You really rocked me with it, Miss Rachel."

Me: "Um, great, thanks!"

Apparently everyone was more rocked by the cheesecake than the cobbler because it was gone quickly. If you make it and serve it hot, it goes really well with vanilla ice cream.

We ended up hanging out until almost midnight. It was fun for the whole family...our dog had a great time playing with all the kids and other dogs. Tonight we're going to a movie and dinner with Liam's parents and I need to hop in the shower. Hope you all are having a rockin' weekend, also!

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