Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hot, Angry Lady Rants

And when I say "hot" I don't mean in a Maxim cover girl kind of way.

Did you know that in Themiddleofnowhere, Germany they do not believe in air conditioning? 'Tis true, my friends. There is a thermometer on my bedside clock which registered 85 degrees Farenheit when I got into bed last night. Heat does indeed rise and our room is on the top floor. As an added bonus, the windows in our room are on the slanted roof and do not have the outside metal shutters that can keep the sun out.

In the end, I slept okay (althought tonight I do believe I will suggest we move to the guest bed) but I woke-up to see the US news which aired a segment that really ticked me off. The network had asked people to write in and tell them what alterations had been made to their Memorial Day plans this year [in light of the economic situaiton]. I *hope*hope*hope* some people had meaningful things to say but those were cast aside in order to spotlight only the selfish jerks because this is a summary of what was said:

"We will be foregoing our usual rib eyes, ribs, and brisket for homemade hamburgers and fries due to the rising food costs. The meat was purchased several weeks ago and frozen for the holiday."

"We will not be able to take our usual trip to the lake for boating due to the high costs of fuel [for the boat and camper] and the increased cost of campground fees."

There were others that I cannot remember and, take my word for it, that's a good thing right now because my blood pressure is rising as I type. I don't even know where to begin! How about this: I am terribly sorry you cannot feast on three different kinds of meat in one meal while there are millions who maybe have meat once a month. Millions of people cannot plan meals weeks in advance because finding food for today is the only objective. Your selfishness disgusts me! Oh, and the family that cannot go boating and camping? I want you to just sit back and think about the totality of your statement. Indulge yourself as you meditate on the emotion you feel when you think about the hardships you must endure. Done? Okay, now think about the people who do not have money to buy fuel to go to work. Consider those who are homeless and do not have even a camper or a tent to provide them shelter. Their day just *might* be worse than yours, don't you think? Ahhh, yes, that's right you did work so very hard for things you have. You make a good point.

Now let's get back to what we were originally discussing: Memorial Day celebration plans. That's right, the one day of the year that is set aside to remember those who have fought and sacrificed for our country. For your freedom, for my freedom, for the freedom of all Americans, and all future generations. [And just to clarify, I do not in any way categorize myself as one who has sacrificed for our nation. TOIAW has proudly served since his college graduation but even he realizes his sacrifices are small compared to many of his peers and many more before them.] Memorial Day is not about your three-meat smorgasboard. It's not about boating on the local lake. It's not about buying a plasma television on sale at the local electronics box store. It's about remembering and being thankful for those who, from the Revolutionary War to the war in Iraq, have selflessly given of themselves.

I wish the question the news network asked had been something like, "This Memorial Day, as you reflect on those who have defended our liberty, what is the freedom, right, or opportunity for which you most gratful?'

If I were asked the question I would say that in the United States of America anything is possible and I would use this story to illustrate my point. In the US hard work and dedication are the only thing standing between you and your dreams.


Les said...

I couldn't agree more!

Tracy said...

Wow. Heat makes you fiesty.

It is a sure thing that many, many Americans take a lot for granted. Their eyes just aren't open to how very lucky they really are. It's unfortunate...

The Gutsy Mom said...