Monday, May 19, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

I think blogger and my computer are conspiring against me because I cannot get my Spain pictures to upload. In blogger's defense, everytime we open pictures, the computer protests. TOIAW thinks its the hard drive. I've had this laptop for a year and a few weeks. The hard drive on my previous laptop had multiple hard drive crashes/failures and was replaced three times in a year. I'm not kidding.

In any event, I haven't posted in the past week so I'll do an update and postpone the Spain post yet again. I've spent my day researching housing, volunteer opportunities, and Russian classes in the D.C. metro area. That's right...we're moving to D.C.! I know you were all on the edges of your seats with curiosity. Yesterday I determined my current locale is my sixth city of residence in the same number of years. I could have some serious street cred with the Bedouin. D.C. will be the seventh followed by a city to be named later because I may or may not be following TOIAW to his assignment after D.C. It all depends on what happens with the baby thing.

Speaking of which, Friday we had our second appointment with the new and improved fertility specialist. After our first appointment, I told TOIAW I thought maybe we had made a big mistake in not getting a second opinion sooner. After the second appointment, I knew that was definitely the case. Ugh. I can't think about it though. We have a delightful commercial on the Armed Forces Network where Julia Roberts says, "I don't believe in regrets. It doesn't change anything." Wise words, Julia. (I must say, it always strikes me as odd when people say they don't believe in something that clearly exists. Regrets are not a tangible thing, I know, but neither are they a matter of theory. Nevermind, I've already lost interest in this tangent.) Regretting not having investigated other options last year doesn't change anything. I didn't know what I didn't know about RE's...but now I know! New RE had the head of the practice call Old RE to discuss my history and then New RE and the head of the practice determined my blood should be tested for everything. ELEVEN vials were taken. Out of my hand...because that's the only place they could hit a vein. After two unsuccessful attempts, the head of the practice--who doesn't speak English--was called in to find the vein and as he left, he patted me on the head like I am a dog. He's very nice and grandfatherly but, seriously, a pat on the head? Note to self: Wear more make-up and look more sophisticated at my next appointment. TOIAW also had blood taken for genetic testing purposes so we looked so cute with our matching bandages. Oh, and I cannot forget to tell you about the ultrasound. You know, I've heard that many doctors in Europe do not provide gowns for their patients. I've always had at least a paper sheet but usually a gown. That all ended Friday. There we were: me, New RE, her nurse, and TOIAW...only I was the only one not wearing anything from the waist down. The really cool part was when I settled into the exam chair (picture sitting in a chair with your feet out, not laying down with the traditional stirrups) and looked up only to realize I was directly in front of TOIAW. He did buy me lunch afterwards but don't some people make big money for doing shows like that? The ultrasound did show a good ovarian reserve--which has been determined before through other tests--but that doesn't determine egg quality...not that I'm going to go down that road again. Everything else looked normal which means we were able to proceed with the diagnostic testing. The next appointment is in three weeks (on TOIAW's birthday!) and I will do a glucose tolerance test that day. I'm glad this is going slowly because I can tell I still need some time although the care and attention I am [finally] receiving is going a long way to address my concerns.

I just cancelled on a function I was supposed to attend tonight. I don't really have an excuse, either. Oh well. I've been asked to do a short devotional tomorrow at Bible study and even though I have some ideas, I need to sit down and write a short outline. And I need to clean two bathrooms so there you go...I have so much to do I couldn't possibly take time to attend a function this evening. I hope your Monday isn't as busy as mine ;)

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Tracy said...

Oooh! I love DC, and my MIL lives only 60 minutes outside of DC in WV.

I'm glad you're happy with your new RE. It sounds like they are being very maybe you'll feel good about your new direction.

When are you moving? Maybe you answered that and I missed it?