Thursday, April 17, 2008

In the words of Tom Petty...

...the waiting IS the hardest part! It's 8:26 and I have to wait until noon to call the doctor and find out how the fertilization went. Gulp. Usually I'm quite adept at wasting time but today it seems to not be working so well. I planned on sleeping in a bit but when TOIAW woke-up at 6 and told me about the SNOW I got up to see and couldn't go back to sleep. It's 17 April and it snowed at least 4 inches last night! It must have caught even the Germans by surprise because the roads weren't clear and it took TOIAW more than double his usual travel time. It's beautiful though and I don't have get out in it so I can't complain.

The egg retrieval went well. We left very early and got a great parking space right across the street as opposed to the further away parking garage. I know that probably sounds like a small thing, but it was a huge blessing for us. The ambulatory operation office had me a bit concerned because it didn't exactly scream sterile and clean (and the Germans are nothing if not fastidious about their cleanliness) and the nurses kept whispering and giggling while cutting their eyes in our direction. It didn't exactly inspire conficence so I prayed this verse for myself which helped immensely. It turns out the nurses were very nice but they were young and nervous about speaking English and I can understand that. The only things they did for me was tell me to get undressed, help me on the operating table, and then assist me in the recovery room. The anesthiologist did the IV and my doctor did the quick procedure. I was up and dressed less than 2 hours after the procedure. [By the way, the operating room was very clean and sterile.]

TOIAW told me 7 very good eggs were retrieved. The doctor seemed surpirsed at the maturation quality, but I wasn't. I had a total peace about it. TOIAW's sperm were deemed "super," a fact which he clearly remembers although I was still a little groggy when we met with the doctor. The IVF doctor recommended that we transfer 2 embryos on Monday or Tuesday. His reasoning for 2 is obvious, to eliminate the chance of triplets. His reasoning for a later transfer is so that we know how good the embryos are at transfer so that if I don't get pregant we can know we need to do further investigation. After much prayer and a consultaiton with our regular doctor, we agree with him on the 2 embryos but disagree with the later transfer. We will proceed with the transfer tomorrow assuming fertilization is going well.

TOIAW was feeling a bit left out of the process so he talked the embryologist into letting him "assist" her with the fertilization which basically consisted of dropping some washed sperm onto the egg in a small petri dish. He was and is very proud of this. I'm happy he's happy but I would prefer that these things are only done by professionals in sterile environments. In any event, he only did a couple and she did the rest.

The rest of the day I slept and rested. For entertainment I watched TOIAW prepare dinner (I had prepared the main dish ahead of time so he was only responsible for side dishes and serving). It amazes me that he has commanded 170+ people and plans major training events for 4,000+ but finding the lid to an 8"x8" pan is a challenge. And have I mentioned that we have a very small kitchen? We have 3 lower cabinets under 3 drawers so when I say something is in the cabinet under the utility drawer he has a 33% chance of getting it right the first time. When he opened the second cabinet and still couldn't find it, I thought he might give up and order pizza (and if we lived in the US, we totally would have had take-out but there is only so much Italian take-out I can handle and that's our only choice in our town). By the third cabinet he seeemd downright mad at my organization skills. I love him, though :) He took excellent care of me! God has indeed made us and equipped us very differently and for that I am grateful!

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Tracy said...

Men seem so helpless about some things, don't they? I laughed out loud..

And I think I have a blog post by this same name. The waiting IS the hardest part.

Good for you for insisting on an earlier transfer. I will be thinking about you and praying all goes well!