Saturday, April 12, 2008


The following is a copy of an update email I sent out to my family and friends. AOL was being difficult so I didn't get everyone copied on the email; I primarily sent it to people who don't read (ahem, or know about) my blog. If you received the email, you can skip this post :)

Many people have been amazingly kind and gracious to pray from me during our first IVF cycle. I have an update which also happens to be a prayer request. The good news is the injections I've had twice a day for the last 10 days have succeeded in developing several follicles (the follicle is where the eggs develop). The bad news is there aren't as many follicles as I would like. Quality is much better than quantity here, so that's what I'm praying for. Nevertheless, I was very disappointed today when I found out the fabulous number of follicles I did have had been halved to five (the average being 9-15). The current plan is to continue with the medication until Monday which is when the decision will be made as to what day the eggs will be retrieved (looks like either Wednesday or Thursday).

As I took the all too familiar path out the door of the Amberg klinikum, the Old Testament story of Gideon and the Midianites popped into my head (in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I revisited this story several weeks ago as part of the Bible study I'm doing; Judges isn't a book to which I am frequently drawn nor do I have a good enough memory to recall all of those Sunday School lessons from long ago). Gideon had raised a great army of Israelites but twice God told Gideon to pare down his army and Gideon obeyed. With three hundred good soldiers, Gideon defeated the Midianites but the glory all went to God! Sure Gideon could have used the massive army he had assembled but then the Israelites would have taken credit for their victory. God wanted it to be clear that the victory was for His glory and His alone!

I have no idea what God's plan is for this IVF cycle (I don't even know what His plan is for the next ten minutes), but I know He has me in His hand. I would be honored and humbled if you would please continue to pray for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Much love,


Tracy said...

You are in my prayers, Rachel...

Tracy said...

This just doesn't seem fair...

I'm so, so sorry...again.