Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hire a Sitter

I don't want to be one of those people who, before they have kids, goes around making "I'll never ______" statements but this is the exception. A few nights ago, TOIAW and I went to see Rambo (the new one). We got there before the doors were opened and were standing in line reading (me: The Economist, TOIAW: some stupid science fiction novel...yeah, we're huge nerds). A family was behind us and it appeared as if their children had brought along some friends (I estimate their ages to be between 7-12). I heard one of the girls say she was not allowed to see rated R movies. Being well over the legal age for everything I never notice movie ratings but I was pretty confident the movie we were about to see was rated R. I've never actually seen any of the Rambo movies (shocking, I know) but I had a general idea of what to expect.

After an adequate amount of movie trivia, unscrambling actors' names, and advertisements for smoking cessation classes we stood for the national anthem and then the movie began. Let's just say I wasn't wrong in my expectation for extreme violence. Sure it starts off peaceful enough with Rambo catching poisonous snakes in a lovely river valley somewhere in Thailand but that is very brief. Cue the Burmese army slaughtering men and women while kidnapping young boys to serve in the army. Honestly, I had my head down most of the movie but suffice it to say there were there things in the movie no one should never ever see.

Remember the kids who had been behind us in line? They were sitting in front of us in the theater and I just kept thinking, "Why are their parents allowing them to see this? WHY?!?!" I'll give the parents the benefit of the doubt and assume they didn't know how violent the movie was but after the first three terrifically violent scenes, you think they might have figured it out and left. Seriously, is it that difficult?

I cannot believe parents put so little effort into protecting their children's innocence. Considering what many of the parents around here do for a living, you would think they would be keen to prevent them from being exposed to such horrors even if it is "just" on a movie screen. Guess not.

After I finished ranting about this very topic, I asked TOIAW to explain the use and purpose of mortars (they're used in the movie and I had never seen them before and was curious). I'm quite sure I am now certified to teach classes on mortars weapons systems. When it comes to all things army, simple answers are not given. The following is a snip-it of the conversation:

TOIAW: "They used 81mm mortars in the movie."
Me: "Are you sure? They looked more like 82mm to me."
TOIAW: "It's possible because the Russians manufacture some 82mm. It just depends on who their weapons supplier is. It was kind of hard to tell from the shots they showed in the movie."

He never even knew I was being sarcastic.


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The Gutsy Mom said...

SERIOUSLY??? And I say that both in regards to the kids being at the movie (not okay) and the 81 vs 82 mm mortars convo (hilarious).