Friday, April 4, 2008

Here We Go!

Since my last post I have received not one shot but SIX shots! That's right, I began my stimulations Wenesday and so far, so good. I'm getting two shots a day which is a bit tricky with TOIAW's schedule since he seems to work more than twelve hour days but we're working it out. Today is the first day I can feel my ovaries working; let's hope they keep up the hard work! I will go tomorrow and Monday to check the progress via ultrasound so my doctor can know if any medication adjustments need to be made. Lots of *good quality* follicles, please, please, please!

The past ten days have been insanely busy for me. Anything not written in my calendar didn't get done which is why I have a mountain of laundry, not a small number of dirty dishes in the sink, a dog who hasn't been properly exercised much lately, and a kitchen table that might very well collapse if one more item is placed on it. (Oh, and I only read a few opening chapters of my book club selection but I still attended the meeting. The worst part is I was only slightly embarassed by it.) I suppose it's obvious what I will be doing today, huh? It's necessary to get everything done now anyway since I will probably become increasingly uncomfortable from the abdominal bloating that accompanies ovarian stimulation. A bonus is that TOIAW is working this weekend so he won't be around to undo everything I do today. An even better bonus is that TOIAW's friend, whom he invited to stay with us while working in the area this month, is not coming until tomorrow thus avoiding an awkward moment of him walking into our house and recoiling in disgust. By the way, while he's here I'm going to try to get a picture of him to post because I swear to you he could be the brother of the new Bachelor from London only he's not from London, he's from Scotland and everyone knows their accents are widely favored.

It's off to the races for me...I'm going to be working around the house while my ovaries are working on producing those fabulous follicles :)


Tracy said...

I'm glad to hear from you! I've been wondering how things are going for you.

Can't wait to hear how things continue to progress.

And my kitchen table looks much the same as yours. My husband, left to his own devices, can trash a perfectly nice house. :)

Rachel said...

Its good to hear that everything seems to be going well with the shots and such. Good luck growing those follies over the weekend.