Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What A Ride

Life's a trip.

Sometimes it's like the time TOIAW and I were in a convertible driving around Kauai soaking up the sun enjoying being together while celebrating his return from that bad place in the Middle East. Sometimes it's like riding in the back seat with TOIAW's mother while his father, who just doused himself in cologne (a daily ritual), enjoys the front seat and I get car sick to lovely tune of my companions arguing in Russian. The past two days have been more like the latter trip description, unfortunately.

On Monday night I noticed that my lower abdomen was very tender and I just had a strange, heavy feeling. Off to the doctor I went for a thrill-o-minute vaginal ultrasound! No matter how many of those I have, I still can't make heads or tails out of what's on the screen but my trusty doctor knows what he is doing and discovered that my old nemsis, Evil Ovarian Cyst, decided to return for an encore performance. Apparently she did not receive the "We don't want what you're selling" message. My doctor said that if I was not 100% better today, I was not getting on a plane tomorrow. I really tried. Oh, how I willed myself to be okay! Alas, it's just not happening and I had to cancel my plans. So. Not. Fair. I cannot express how much I want to be in my lovely friend's wedding a week from Sunday. Here come the tears so I won't even try right now but there's a better than even chance you will have to hear about it in the near future.

Of course there's also my grandma who is hanging in there but still not doing very well. She really needs to get off the ventilator. Please pray for her. My parents were very supportive of my not coming now and that helped. Actually my parents, my friends, my husband, and various other assorted people so here I will remain. Right now I do not have a surgery scheduled and I pray it doesn't come to that *again* but you never know. Well, with me you pretty much do but I can still hope, can't I?

I emailed some friends and told them that if they see me around, it's okay, they're not delusional. I also told them I was a bit upset thinking that nothing in my life seems easy but then I realized that my life, most days, is very easy. Sure, it may not go exactly as planned but I am so very blessed. Unbelievably blessed! And, I would hazard to guess that you are as well.

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Tracy said...

Now, YOU are a grateful person. You have every right to be angry and bitter right now...I would be.

I'm so, so sorry. How utterly disappointing.

You and your grandma will both be in my prayers.